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KW Communications 160 Transmitter
KW Communications
Model 160
Category: Radio, Communication
Group Transmitter
                                    The K.W. "One-Sixty" Transmitter is a CW/phone transmitter
for the 1.8 me to 2 me amateur band, with a DC input of 10
watts. It incorporates full CW "break-in" working
facilities, also provision for muting a receiver with normal
simplex working.

The variable frequency oscillator uses a EF80 valve in a
"Clapp" oscillator on 900-1000 Kc/s. This is followed by a
second EF80 as a frequency doubler, this being transformer
coupled to a PL81 valve as a power amplifier.

The i>F output of the transmitter is a pi-network filter
suitable for direct feed to an end fed aerial or into a low
Z co-axial line.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

KW Communications -- 160 -- Service and User Manual
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