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Eddyston 940 Receiver
Model 940
Category: Radio, Communication
Group Receiver
Description Communications Receiver
                                    The EDDYSTONE Model 940 is a general purpose communications
receiver covering the frequency band 480 kc/s to 30 Mc/s in
five switched ranges. A single conversion circuit is
employed and the receiver is suitable for AM, CW and SSB
reception. A built-in mains pack provides for direct
operation from all standard AC supplies.

Audio outputs are available for connection to an external
loudspeaker, telephones and remote lines. The output stage
employs a push-pull circuit and is capable of excellent
quality. Circuit arrangements are such that the speaker
output is automatically interrupted when telephones are in
use but the line output is maintained under all conditions
of operation. Audio input terminals arc fitted at the rear
so that the audio section of the receiver may be used alone.

Three positions of IF selectivity are provided one of which
involves the use of a single crystal filter having a phasing
adjustment which takes the form of a panel control.
Other features of the Model 940 include a built-in meter for
measurement of relative carrier level or for use as a tuning
indicator, a noise limiter for AM reception and an extremely
efficient AGC system. The Local and Beat Oscillators are
operated from a stabilised supply. Two RF Amplifiers are
used, the first stage being a double-triode cascode
arrangement. Provision is made for control of an external
relay which may operate an associated transmitter from the
Standby switch on the front panel.

Rugged construction and high quality components are employed
throughout, the receiver is of a most convenient size, can
be adapted for rack-mounting and is attractively finished
with modern styling. The strong steel cabinet and chromium
plated panel handles give adequate protection against rough
usage. Continuous operation is possible in all areas under
extreme climatic conditions.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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