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IFR AM/FM-1500 Communications Service Monitor
Model AM/FM-1500
Date 1988
Category: Radio, Communication
Group Communications Service Monitor
                                    The FM/AM-1500 is a microprocessor controlled, digitally
synthesized communication service monitor, which integrates
the functions of several different test instruments into a
single, compact and portable unit. Utilizing such unique
features as a keyboard entry system, an LCD display for
frequency readout, processor controlled memory functions and
a CRT capable of alphanumeric or waveform displays, the
FM/AM-1500 incorporates the functions of the following test
1. Signal Generator (with a selectable offset	7. Two
programmable Tone Generators
for duplex testing)	8. Power Meter
2. Communication Receiver	9. Frequency Error Meter
3. Tracking Generator	10. Modulation Meter
4. Spectrum Analyzer	11. SINAD Meter
5. Sweep Generator	12. Audio Frequency Counter
6. Oscilloscope	13. Signal Strength Meter

These capabilities enable the FM/AM-1500 to be used for a
wide range of communication test functions associated with
most types of simplex and duplex transceiving equipment,
including mobile telephone systems, AM/FM/SSB transceivers,
CB and two-way radio systems, repeaters, etc.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Manual Type Service Manual IFR-5362-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages 669
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Language english
Date 1988
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