Model Date Group Description
Axiolab A 01 May 1999Reflected-Light Microscope
Axiolab Pol 01 September 1995Upright Polarisation Microscope
Axiophot 2 01 September 1999Universal Microscopes
Axioplan 01 March 1994Universal Microscope
Axioplan 2 imaging 01 September 1999Universal Microscopes
Axioskop Routine Microscope
Axiostar 01 December 2000Transmitted-Light Microscope
Axiovert 100 01 June 1999
Axiovert 135 01 June 1999
Axiovert 135 M 01 June 1999
Axiovert 200 30 March 2001Inverted Microscopes
Axiovert 200 M 30 March 2001Inverted Microscopes
AxioVision 01 January 2002
Eduval 4 Durchlichtmikroskop
Jenalumar Fluoreszenzmikroskop
Jenaval Durchlicht-Forschungsmikroskop
KF 2 ICS 01 October 1997Transmitted Light Microscope
LSM 510 01 March 2006Laser Scanning Microscope,
LSM 510 DuoScan 01 March 2006Laser Scanning Microscope,
LSM 510 META 01 March 2006Laser Scanning Microscope,
LSM 510 META DuoScan 01 March 2006Laser Scanning Microscope,
OPMI ® Pentero® 18 February 2009Surgical Microscope
OPMI 1 FC 26 February 1997Surgical Microscope
OPMI 6 Operation Microscope
OPMI 6 SFR Operation Microscope
OPMI 6 SFR XY Operation Microscope
OPMI CS 23 April 1992Operation Microscope
OPMI CS_NC 19 October 1992Operation Microscope
OPMI Lumera® T
OPMI MD 01 July 1988Operation Microscope
OPMI MDO 14 May 1993Operation Microscope
OPMI MDO XY 14 May 1993Operation Microscope
OPMI® Pentero® 17 March 2008
OPMI® Sensera 30 January 2009Surgical Microscope
OPMI® VARIO 30 January 2009Surgical Microscope
Photomicroscope III
Primo Star 03 January 2006Transmitted-Light Microscope
S 3 Floor Stand
S 3B Floor Stand
S22 Floor Stand
Standard 25 ICS 01 January 1998Universal Microscope
Standard Lab 06
Standard Microscope 14
Standard Microscope 16
Standard Pol
Standard WL Pol
Superlux 300 16 December 1993High-Intensity Light Source
SV 11 Stereo Microscope
SV 6 Stereo Microscope
UD 124 01 December 1996Universal Rotary Stage
VISULAS 532s 02 May 2005LaserFully integrated laser workstation
VISULAS YAG III 15 August 2005LaserFully integrated laser workstation
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