Model Date Group Description
A-70 01 September 1997KeyboardExpandable Controller
A-80 KeyboardMidi Keyboard Controller
AC-60 2003AmplifierAcoustic Chorus
AX-1 Keyboard
BC-30 01 January 1996SpeakerBlues Cube
BC-60 01 January 1996SpeakerBlues Cube
CR78 20 June 1979Effect ProcessorComputerized rhythm machine
D-50 May 1987KeyboardLinear Synthesizer
D-70 01 January 1990SynthesizerSuper LA Synthesizer
DJ-70 1992SynthesizerMIDI Sampling Workstation
EP-9 01 November 1992PianoDigital Piano
FJ-42 01 December 2000Printer
FJ-52 01 December 2000Printer
G-800 01 July 1995SynthesizerIntelligent Synthesizer 64 Voice PolyPhony
JX-8P May 1985Keyboard
PA-200 01 August 1991MixerPowered Mixer
PA-400 01 August 1991MixerPowered Mixer
PG-800 May 1985Keyboard
RD-600 01 April 1997PianoDigital Piano
RD-700SX 2004KeyboardPiano
Rhodes VK-1000 01 August 1991Organ
S-10 01 December 1986KeyboardDigital Sampling Keyboard
SH-101 01 November 1982Keyboard
TR-606 07 November 1983DrumDrum Machine
XP-80 October 1997Synthesizer
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