Model Date Group Description
7200 Oscilloscope
7200 series OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscopes
7242 June 1994OscilloscopePlug-In
7242A June 1994OscilloscopePlug-In
7242B June 1994OscilloscopePlug-In
9100 01 April 1993GeneratorFunction Generator
9101 01 April 1993GeneratorFunction Generator
9109 01 April 1993GeneratorFunction Generator
9210 March 1995GeneratorProgrammable Pulse Generator
9300 series March 1995OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
9300C January 1998OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
9314A November 1994OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
9314AL November 1994OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
9314AM November 1994OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
9314C November 1994OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
9314CL November 1994OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
9314CM November 1994OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
9320 November 1993OscilloscopePortable Digital Oscilloscope
9345A February 1995OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
9345L February 1995OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
9345M February 1995OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
9354T February 1995OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
9354TM February 1995OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
9374L June 1996OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
9374M June 1996OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
9374TM June 1996OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
9384 June 1997OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
9384AL June 1997OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
9384L June 1997OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
9384M June 1997OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
9384TM June 1997OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
9400 August 1990OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
9400A January 1990OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
9410 December 1991OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
9414 May 1992OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
9420 May 1992OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
9424 May 1992OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
9430 May 1992OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
9450 October 1990OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
LC Series March 1995OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
LC334 Series December 1999OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
LC374 Series December 1999OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
LC534 Series December 1999OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
LC564 Series December 1999OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
LC574 Series December 1999OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
LC574A February 1998OscilloscopeColor Digital Oscilloscope
LC574AL February 1998OscilloscopeColor Digital Oscilloscope
LC574AM February 1998OscilloscopeColor Digital Oscilloscope
LC584 Series December 1999OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
LC684 Series December 1999OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
LS-140 1993OscilloscopeGeneral Purpose 100 MHz Oscilloscope
LT224 1999OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
LT262 October 2001OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
LT264 October 2001OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
LT322 1999OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
LT342 1999OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
LT342L 1999OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
LT344 1999OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
LT344L 1999OscilloscopeDigital Storage Oscilloscope
LT354 October 2001OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
LT372 October 2001OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
LT374 October 2001OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
LT584 October 2001OscilloscopeDigital Oscilloscope
LW400 April 1999GeneratorArbitrary Waveform Generator
LW400A April 1999GeneratorArbitrary Waveform Generator
LW400B April 1999GeneratorArbitrary Waveform Generator
Waverunner 2002Oscilloscope
Waverunner-2 2002Oscilloscope
xxxxx 1996Test & Measurement Products
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