Model Date Group Description
A-710 AmplifierIntegrated Stereo Amplifier
DF-30 PrinterStacker
DU-1 1993Printerprinter option Duplexer
DU-20 PrinterPrinter Option Duplexer
DU-25 16 December 1998PrinterPrinter Option Duplexer
DU-30 PrinterPrinter Option Duplexer
Ecosys 3700 01 June 1998Printer
Ecosys 3700+ 01 June 1998Printer
Ecosys FS-8000C PrinterColor Laser Printer
Ecosys FS1700 01 June 1998Printer
Ecosys FS1700+ 01 June 1998Printer
EF-1 1993PrinterPrinter Option Feeder
F-1200S 11 November 1998PrinterLASERBEAM PRINTER
F-800T 10 November 1998PrinterLASERBEAM PRINTER
F−1000 11 October 1998PrinterLASERBEAM PRINTER
F−1010 11 November 1998PrinterLASERBEAM PRINTER
F−1200 11 November 1998PrinterLASERBEAM PRINTER
F−1800 11 November 1998PrinterLASERBEAM PRINTER
F−2010 13 November 1998PrinterLASERBEAM PRINTER
F−2200 18 November 1998PrinterLASERBEAM PRINTER
F−2200S 18 November 1998PrinterLASERBEAM PRINTER
F−3000 18 November 1998PrinterLASERBEAM PRINTER
F−3300 06 November 1998PrinterLASERBEAM PRINTER
F−5000 17 November 1998PrinterLASERBEAM PRINTER
F−800 10 November 1998PrinterLASERBEAM PRINTER
F−820 10 November 1998PrinterLASERBEAM PRINTER
FS-1000 2000PrinterLaser Printer
FS-1000+ 2000PrinterLaser Printer
FS-1010 December 2001PrinterLaser Printer
FS-1050 December 2001PrinterLaser printer
FS-1500/A 1992Printer
FS-1700 June 1998Printer
FS-1700+ 17 November 1999PrinterPage Printer
FS-1750 18 November 1999PrinterPage Printer
FS-1800 December 2001PrinterLaser Printer
FS-1800/N 2000PrinterLaser Printer
FS-1800+ October 2001PrinterLaser Printer
FS-1900 December 2001PrinterLaser Printer
FS-3700 June 1998Printer
FS-3700+ 17 November 1999PrinterPage Printer
FS-3750 18 November 1999PrinterPage Printer
FS-3800 December 2001PrinterLaser Printer
FS-3800/N 2000PrinterLaser Printer
FS-600 November 1998PrinterLaser Printer
FS-680 October 1997PrinterLaser Printer
FS-8000C July 2001PrinterColor Laser Printer
FS-8000CD July 2001PrinterColor Laser Printer
FS-8000CN July 2001PrinterColor Laser Printer
FS-9100DN April 2002PrinterDesktop laser printer
FS-9500DN April 2002PrinterDesktop laser printer
FS−1200 18 November 1999PrinterPAGE PRINTER
FS−1500 06 November 1998PrinterPAGE PRINTER
FS−1550 11 November 1998PrinterPAGE PRINTER
FS−1550+ 11 November 1998PrinterPage Printer
FS−1600 11 November 1998PrinterPAGE PRINTER
FS−1600+ 11 November 1998PrinterPage Printer
FS−1700 17 November 1999PrinterPage Printer
FS−3400 11 November 1998PrinterPage Printer
FS−3400+ 11 November 1998PrinterPage Printer
FS−3500 24 January 2000PrinterPage Printer
FS−3600 11 November 1998PrinterPage Printer
FS−3600+ 11 November 1998PrinterPage Printer
FS−400 06 November 1998PrinterPage Printer
FS−5500 06 November 1998PrinterPage Printer
FS−5800c 20 December 1999PrinterPAGE PRINTER
FS−5900c 10 February 2000PrinterPage Printer
FS−6500 11 November 1998PrinterPage Printer
FS−6500+ 11 November 1998PrinterPage Printer
FS−6700 13 November 1998PrinterPage Printer
FS−680 December 1999PrinterLaser Printer
FS−7000 12 November 1998PrinterPage Printer
FS−7000+ 22 December 1999PrinterPage Printer
FS−800 08 December 1998PrinterPage Printer
FS−850 09 November 1998PrinterLASERBEAM PRINTER
FS−9000 22 December 1999PrinterPage Printer
HS-1 1993PrinterPaper Handler/Stacker
HS-2 1993PrinterPaper Handler/Stacker
HS-20 PrinterStacker
HS-3 1994PrinterPaper Stacker
HS-3E PrinterStacker
KM-1530 October 2000Photocopier
KM-2030 October 2000Photocopier
P-2002 17 November 1998PrinterLASERBEAM PRINTER
P−2000 17 November 1998PrinterLASERBEAM PRINTER
PA-UNITS PrinterPrinter Option
PB-UNITS PrinterPrinter Option
PF-1 PrinterPrinter Option
PF-16 PrinterPrinter Option
PF-2 PrinterPaper Feeder
PF-20 PrinterPaper Feeder
PF-20 mini PrinterPaper Feeder
PF-3 PrinterPaper Feeder
PF-30 PrinterPaper Feeder
PF-4 PrinterPaper Feeder
PF-5 1994PrinterPaper Feeder
PF-60 December 2000PrinterPaper Feeder
PF-7 1994PrinterPaper Feeder
PF-7E PrinterPaper Feeder
PF-8 PrinterPaper Feeder
PF-9 PrinterPaper Feeder
PF−25 14 December 1998PrinterPaper Feeder
PF−5 24 January 2000PrinterPaper Feeder
SO-30 14 December 1998PrinterSorter
SO-6 1993PrinterSorter
SO-60 January 2001PrinterSorter
UF-1 1994PrinterUniversal Feeder
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