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AEG CF 400 Kaffeemaschine
Modell: CF 400
Kategorie: Haushaltselektronik
Gruppe: Kaffeemaschine
Beschreibung: Fully Automatic Espresso-Maker
                                    Your AEG coffee machine has functions
that guarantee you
• easy operation, when preparing coffee
plus simple maintenance and care.
Information in the display will guide
you step by step through the procedure.
The excellent, individual taste is
achieved by
• the pre-brewing system: prior to the
actual brewing process, the ground
coffee is moistened to extract its full
• the individually adjustable amount of
water per cup that can be varied
between a small espresso and a large
coffee with crema,
• the individually adjustable coffee temperature
at which the coffee is brewed,
• the facility to choose between normal
or strong coffee,
• the grinding texture that can be
adjusted to suit the roasting of the
• and last but not least, through the
guaranteed crema, that small crown of
froth that makes an espresso incomparable
for connoisseurs.
Incidentally: the time for which the
water is in contact with the ground
coffee is considerably shorter for
espressos than for conventional filter
coffee. As a result, less bitterness is
released from the coffee; it is this that
makes espresso coffee so much pleasanter

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Table of Contents
Safety Instructions
1. Before Using for the First Time
1.1. Setting up the Appliance
1.2. Cable Compartment (Figure 3)
1.3. Programme Selector (Figure 2)
2. Prior to Making Coffee
2.1. Filling the Water Tank (Figure 6)
2.2. Filling the Bean Container
(Figure 7)
2.3. Adjusting the Grinding Texture
(Figure 8)
2.4. Switching on the Appliance
(Figure 9)
2.5. Setting the Language
2.6. Adjusting the Water Hardness
2.7. Inserting the Water Filter
(Figure 5)
2.8. “Rinsing” the Appliance
2.9. Adjusting the Safety Cut-Out
3. Making Coffee
3.1. Adjusting the Amount of Water
(Figure 11)
3.2. Selecting the Type of Coffee
3.2.1.One Cup of Regular Coffee from
Beans (Figure 12)
3.2.2.One Cup of Strong Coffee from
3.2.3.One Cup of Extra Strong Coffee
from Beans
3.2.4.Two Cups of Regular Coffee from
3.2.5.One or Two Cups of Coffee from
Preground Coffee
3.3. Setting Coffee Temperature
4. Frothing Milk (Figures 14-18)
5. Preparing Hot Water
6. Switching off the Appliance
7. Emptying the Water Tank, Drip
Catcher and Spent Coffee
Container (Figures 19-21)
8. Cleaning
8.1. CleaningtheExterior
(Figures 19-25)
8.2. Internal Cleaning

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