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Philips AP4111 Mobil Telefon
Modell: AP4111
Datum: 1987
Kategorie: Funk und Kommunikation
Gruppe: Mobil Telefon
                                    The mobile telephone ap4111 is designed for maximum
operating convenience. Thereby the operator can concentrate
on the driving. To increase driving safety further, the
control board (the handset) besides being equipped with the
ordinary microphone, has been provided with a built-in
microphone, for semi-hands free operation.

The ap4111 is a fully duplex operated radiotelephone,
working in the UHf NMT-band.

A portable kit, which contains the carrying case, NiCd
battery and the antenna, is available. Switching from mobile
to totally portable operation is easy as the transceiver is
attached to the mounting bracket with a snap-lock.

Despite the small size of the transceiver it has a built-in
duplex filter. The transceiver is built up with modules,
either directly plugged to the system board, unit 1 (Ul) or
via plug terminated cables.

It is possible to provide the mobile telephone with external
equipment, connected to a separate DIN-connector. E.g.
external microphone, loudspeaker, telephone-answering unit
(with interface) or scrambler.

With external microphone, an ext. pusb-to-talk switch must
be mounted.

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