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Sony DSC-P43 Digital Kamera
Modell: DSC-P43
Datum: 2004
Kategorie: Audio, Video, TV, Multimedia
Gruppe: Digital Kamera
Image device 6.85 mm (1/2.7 type) color
Primary color filter
Total pixels number of camera
Approx. 4 231 000 pixels
Effective pixels number of camera
Approx. 4 065 000 pixels
Lens Fixed focal length lens
f=5.0 mm
(35 mm camera conversion: 33 mm)
Exposure control
Automatic, Twilight, Twilight
portrait, Candle, Landscape, Beach,
Soft snap
White balance
Automatic, Daylight, Cloudy,
Fluorescent, Incandescent
File format (DCF compliant)
Still images: Exif Ver. 2.2, JPEG
compliant, DPOF compatible
Movies: MPEG1 compliant
Recording medium
“Memory Stick”
Flash Recommended distance (when ISO
sensitivity is set to Auto)
0.2 to 3.5 m (7 7/8 inches to
11 feet 5 7/8 inches)

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Level 2 Service Manual

On the CH-146 and SY-101 boards
This service manual procides the information that is premised
the circuit board replacement service and not intended repair
inside the CH-146 and SY-101 boards.
Therefore, schematic diagram, printed wiring board and
electrical parts list of the CH-146 and SY-101 boards are not
The following pages are not shown.
Schematic diagram ............ Pages 4-9 to 4-26
Printed wiring board ........... Pages 4-39 to 4-42
Mounted parts location ....... Pages 4-50 and 5-51
Electrical parts list .............. Pages 5-7 and 5-10 to 5-14
The above-described information is shown in service
manual Level 3.

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