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Sony F35 Videokamera
Modell: F35
Datum: 2008
Kategorie: Audio, Video, TV, Multimedia
Gruppe: Videokamera
                                    The F35 is a 1CCD digital cinematography camera
equipped with Super 35-mm type IT progressive CCD
array with a total of 6,600,000 picture elements (effective
pixel count of 1920 [H] × 1080 [V] RGB).
The camera is incorporated with newly developed imagers
and a digital signal-processing LSI that yield images of a
high quality for cinematic, commercial, and dramatic
production applications. The camera also supports the
features of a “production camera” up to details in its shape,
button and indicator layout, and materials of the parts.
Superior Picture Quality and High
Super 35-mm type CCD and PL Mount
With the F35’s Super 35-mm-type CCD imagers and PL
Mount, most movie lenses designed for conventional 35-
mm film cameras can be mounted without a converter.
Wide dynamic range and high-quality digital
With its newly developed imagers, 14-bit A/D converter,
and unique digital LSI, the camera achieves significant
extension of the dynamic range and picture quality of
optimal grade, minimizing noises.
RGB 4:4:4 image capturing
The RGB 4:4:4 image-capturing capability, having high
affinity with computer graphics, yields significant results,
especially in chroma-keying and color-correction
processes where highly exacting special-effects sequences
and elaborate finishes are required in demanding movie-
making, commercial, and television applications.
Variable-speed recording
When used with a Sony SRW-1 HD Portable Digital
Recorder, the number of frames per second (FPS) for
shooting/recording is selectable in single-frame
increments. This allows users to create slow- or fast-
motion effects equivalent to those obtained by
“overcranking” or “undercranking” a cinematic film
Frame-rate settings for this function are variable from 1 to
50 FPS.
Multiple frame formats
The camera covers the1080 formats of different types to
allow it to be used for high-end content creation, including
commercial and broadcasting program production as well
as movie making.
• Progressive mode: 1080/23.98P, 1080/24P, 1080/25P,
1080/29.97P, 1080/50P
• Progressive mode (variable): 1080/S23.98P, 1080/S24P,
1080/S29.97P, 1080/S30P, 1080/S50P, 1080/S59.94P
(MAX50), 1080/S60P (MAX50)
• Interlace mode: 1080/50i, 1080/59.94i
Imaging characteristics with wide color space
Sony’s unique technology allows the camera to capture
images in natural-looking colors closer to those of the
actual scene than with conventional cameras.
S-LOG and Hyper gammas
The camera is equipped with S-LOG gammas that enable
shooting styles equivalent to a film camera and Hyper
gammas that achieve smooth gradation reproduction,
thanks to the wide dynamic range.
User Gamma
The camera allows you to customize gamma curves
according to your creative needs, using the supplied
CvpFileEditor 1) application software.
1) You can download the latest version of the software from
the “eCSite,” the
site for downloading business and professional software from
Design and Shape
New compact design
For a high level of mobility in consideration of various
shooting situations, such as inside a car, the camera is
housed in as compact a body as possible. In addition,
buttons and indicators are laid out to provide a familiar and
intuitive user interface to users of conventional cinema
film cameras.

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