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Hewlett Packard 8443A Zähler
Hewlett Packard
Modell: 8443A
Datum: 1970
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Zähler
Beschreibung: Tracking Generator Counter
                                    The Hewlett-Packard Model 844 3A Tracking Generator/Counter
was designed to be used in conjunction with the
Hewlett-Packard 8553/8552 Spectrum Analyzer. The Tracking
Generator provides a cw signal which tracks the frequency
tuning of the spectrum analyzer.

As implied by the instrument name, the model 8443A also
includes a counter section. The counter section may be used
to count the output frequency of the tracking generator or
the frequency of signals generated by external sources (up
to better than 120 MHz). A rear panel connector provides BCD
data output from the counter section for use in external
equipment such as a recorder.

The time base for the model 8443A counter section is a
stable oven-contained, crystal-controlled 1 MHz oscillator.
Provisions are made to use an external 1 MHz source for the
time base if a frequency standard is available. An output
from the internal 1 MHz source is also available for use in
external equipment if desired.

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This manual applies directly to HP Model 8443A Tracking
Generator/Counter having serial prefix numbers 955- and 964-,

The various sections in this manual provide information as

a.	SECTION II, INSTALLATION, provides information relative
to incoming inspection, power requirements, mounting,
packing and shipping, etc.

b.	SECTION III, OPERATION, provides information relative to
operating the instrument.

c.	SECTION IV, PERFORMANCE TESTS, provides information
required to ascertain that the instrument is performing in
accordance with published specifications.

d.	SECTION V, ADJUSTMENTS, provides information required to
properly adjust and align the instrument after repairs are made.

e.	SECTION VI, PARTS LISTS, provides ordering information
for all replaceable parts and assemblies.

f.	SECTION VII, MANUAL CHANGES, normally will contain no
relevant information in the original issue of a manual. This
section is reserved to provide back-dated and up-dated
information in manual revisions or reprints.

g.	SECTION VIII, SERVICE, includes all information required
to service the instrument.

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