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Hewlett Packard 683C Oscillator
Hewlett Packard
Modell: 683C
Datum: 1961
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Oscillator
                                    The Model 683C Sweep Oscillator is one of several
Electronic Sweep Oscillators which cover major
microwave bands.

Sweep oscillators are used as signal sources for a
wide variety of laboratory and production tests. They
provide a high-level relatively constant-amplitude
signal that can be rapidly changed in frequency. Thus
they permit the characteristics of microwave systems
or components to be quickly checked over an entire
band of frequencies.
The Model 683C Sweep Oscillator covers the complete
S band from 2 to 4 kmc (gc) and uses a backward
wave oscillator (bwo) tube to generate the rf signal.
The bwo tube has several advantages over previously
used klystron type microwave oscillator tubes when
used in sweep sources.

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This manual specifically describes Model 683C of the TllO
series, and in general describes all
683C sweep oscillators. If, however, the serial number of
your instrument is prefixed by TO24
or T044, there are parts of themanual which do not apply to
your instrument. If your instrument
carries one of these serial numbers, information specific to
your instrument is furnished with
this manual. This supplementary material includes
schematics, parts list, and replacement
paragraphs and illustrations for those items in the manual
that do not describe your instrument.
The supplementary data is indexed; paragraph and figure
numbers are the same as those used
in the manual for the corresponding information.

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