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Hewlett Packard 3585B Spektrumanalysator
Hewlett Packard
Modell: 3585B
Datum: 1990
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Spektrumanalysator
                                    The 3585 is a 20 Hz to 40.1 MHz, microcomputer controlled
spectrum analyzer. It may be utilized for spectrum analysis
or network analysis (amplitude only) applications. As a
spectrum analyzer, the 3585 provides a graphic display of
the spectral components of the input signal. For network
analysis measurements, the 3585 Tracking Generator can be
used as a drive signal for the network under test. The
network’s output can then be applied to the 3585 input to
obtain a graphic display of the network’s amplitude versus
frequency response.

The 3585 is structured as a conventional triple-conversion,
swept super-heterodyne spectrum analyzer. The addition of
microcomputer hardware control and data manipulation greatly
enhances the analytical power of the 3585 . Flexible control
of the displayed trace is obtained through dedicated key
subroutines that produce optimum displayed results in a
minimum amount of time.

Microcomputer control gives the 3585 several unique
features. The most obvious feature is the keyboard entry of
parameters which replaces more conventional knobs. The input
attenuation and mixer levels are automatically set by the
3585 ’s Auto Range feature to maintain the specified dynamic
range. Other microcomputer controlled features include:
coupling of Frequency Span, Bandwidth and Sweep Time;
centering of signals; moving signals to the Reference Level
and storage and measurement of frequency and amplitude
Offsets. Microcomputer control further allows the operator
to over-ride the automatic features of the 3585 .

The 3585 ’s Local Oscillator is fully synthesized using
-hp-’s patented Fractional N technique. This provides
frequency settability of 0.1 Hz over the 20 Hz to 40.1 MHz
range. Beyond the advantage of high system resolution, the
3585 ’s Synthesized Local Oscillator allows stable,
repeatable frequency measurements. The advanced design of
the 3585 ’s Fractional N synthesized Local Oscillator also
results in phase-continuous, linear sweeps with low spurious

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Hewlett Packard -- 3585B -- Bedienungsanleitung
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This Operating Manual contains information necessary to
install, operate, and test the Hewlett-Packard Model 3585
Spectrum Analyzer.

This manual is divided into four sections, each covering a
specific topic or aspect of the instrument:
Section	Topic
I	General Information
II	Installation and Interfacing
III	Front Panel and Remote Operation
IV	Performance Tests
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