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Hewlett Packard 3577B Netzwerk Tester
Hewlett Packard
Modell: 3577B
Datum: 1995
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Netzwerk Tester
                                    The HP 3577B measures network performance in the frequency
range of 5 Hz to 200 MHz. Each of the receiver inputs provides
100 dB of dynamic range. A “line stretcher” is available with
a readout in length or time. The line stretcher enables the
electrical length of any channel to be changed as required.
This allows compensation for differences in test cable lengths
and measurement of the electrical length of networks under test.

Each of the receiver inputs can be displayed on one or both
traces. The traces are labeled Trace 1 and Trace 2. Trace data
for each trace is digitally stored as complex data in a trace
memory. This results in the ability to display the same data
in any of eight display formats. The HP 3577B display has no
etched lines. The graticule is drawn as a part of the display
operation. No screen overlays are required for polar or Smith

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This service manual contains all the information required
by service personnel to test, adjust and service the
HP 3577B Network Analyzer.

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