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Hafler Pro2400 Verstärker
Modell: Pro2400
Datum: 1993
Kategorie: Bühnen- Studiotechnik
Gruppe: Verstärker
Beschreibung: Professional Power Amplifier
                                    The Hafler PR02400 is a two channel medium power audio
amplifier which has been engineered to meet high performance
and reliability standards while maintaining affordability.

The amplifier employs a sonically proven circuit topology
driving MOSFET output devices. These devices provide
exceptional reliability as a result of their inherent
ruggedness and resistance to abusive operating conditions.
Consequently, the PR02400 is capable of delivering high
current into low impedance loads, and generally the amplifier
will not be damaged in the case of accidental short circuit
at the output. The drive circuitry is a simple and effective
arrangement using high quality components to ensure longevity
and, above all, sonic excellence.

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