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Thurlby Thandar Instruments TTI TGR2050 Generator
Thurlby Thandar Instruments TTI
Modell: TGR2050
Datum: 2009
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Generator
                                    This low cost synthesised RF signal generator features a
wide amplitude range, low noise and inherently good
frequency stability. The generator also features internal
and external FM, AM and Phase Modulation. The instrument
can be operated manually via the front panel or remotely
controlled via the RS232 or GPIB interfaces.
It is suitable for radio receiver sensitivity measurements,
system gain measurements, oscillator substitutions,
EMC/antenna/field strength measurements and as a signal
source for many other RF circuit and system development
tasks. In addition, the generator's low cost, ease of
use and remote control make it eminently suitable
for most production and development applications
where a basic, stable signal source is required.

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Specification 3
Safety 8
Installation 9
Connections 10
Operation 11
Remote Operation 15
Remote Commands 23
Maintenance 27
Appendix 1. Error Messages 28
Appendix 2. Factory Defaults 29
Instructions en Francais
Sécurité 30
Installation 31
Connexions 32
Fonctionnement 34
Fonctionnement à distance 38
Commandes à distance 46
Maintenance 50
Annexe1. Messages d'erreur 51
Annexe 2. Réglages par défaut en usine 52
Bedienungsanleitung auf Deutsch
Sicherheit 53
Installation 54
Anschlüsse 55
Betrieb 56
Fernbedienung 60
Fernbedienungs-Befehle 68
Wartung 72
Anhang 1 Fehlermeldungen 73
Anhang 2 - Werkseinstellungen 74
Istruzioni in Italiano
Sicurezza 75
Installazione 76
Collegamenti 77
Funzionamento 79
Operazione a distanza 83
Comandi a Distanza 91
Manutenzione 95
Appendice 1. Messaggi d’Errore 96
Appendice 2. Defaults di Fabbrica 97
Instrucciones en Español
Seguridad 98
Instalación 99
Conexiones 100
Funcionamiento 102
Funcionamiento Remoto 106
Comandos Remotos 114
Mantenimiento 118
Apéndice 1. Mensajes de Error 119
Apéndice 2. Valores Predeterminados de Fábrica 120

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