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Thurlby Thandar Instruments TTI TGA12100 Series Generator
Thurlby Thandar Instruments TTI
Modell: TGA12100 Series
Datum: 2009
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Generator
Beschreibung: 100MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator
                                    This range of synthesised programmable arbitrary waveform generators has the following
• 1, 2 or 4 independent arb channels
• Additional DC to 50MHz fixed amplitude sine and squarewave outputs on 2- and
4-channel instruments
• Up to 100MHz sampling frequency
• Sinewaves up to 40MHz, squarewaves up to 50MHz
• Output level 2.5mV to 10Vp−p into 50Ω with 12 bit vertical resolution
• 1M points horizontal resolution per channel
• Compact Flash card for non−volatile waveform memory
• Waveform linking, looping and sequencing
• Interchannel triggering, summing, modulation and phase control
• GPIB, RS232 and USB interfaces
The instrument uses a combination of direct digital synthesis and variable clock techniques to
provide high performance and extensive facilities in a compact instrument. It can generate a wide
variety of waveforms between 0·1mHz and 50MHz with high resolution and accuracy.
Arbitrary waveforms may be defined with 12 bit vertical resolution and from 8 to 1048576
horizontal points. In addition a number of standard waveforms are available including sine,
square, triangle, ramp and pulse.
Arbitrary waveforms may be replayed at a user specified waveform frequency or period, or the
sample rate may be defined in terms of period or frequency. Alternatively, an external Arb clock
may be used at frequencies up to 50MHz.
Extensive waveform editing features between defined start and end points are incorporated,
including waveform insert, point edit, line draw, amplitude adjust and invert. More comprehensive
features are available using the arbitrary waveform creation software supplied. This is a powerful
Windows−based design tool that enables the user to create waveforms from mathematical
expressions, from combinations of other waveforms, freehand, or using a combination of all three
techniques. Waveforms created in this way can be downloaded via the RS232, GPIB or USB
interfaces or transferred directly to the generator on a removable memory card written to by the
PC using the USB-connected card reader/writer provided.
Up to 500 different waveforms may be stored with the length and name specified by the user; the
total size of all the waveforms stored is limited only by the size of the memory card. Waveforms
may be linked together to form a sequence of up to 1024 steps. Each waveform may have a user
defined repeat count from 1 to 32768.
All waveforms can be swept over their full frequency range at a rate variable between 1
millisecond and 15 minutes. Sweep can be linear or logarithmic, single or continuous. Single
sweeps can be triggered from the front panel, the trigger input, or the digital interfaces. A sweep
marker is provided.
Amplitude Modulation is available for all waveforms and is controlled from the previous channel or
from an external generator via the MODULATION input socket.
Signal Summing is available for all waveforms and is controlled from the previous channel or from
an external generator via the SUM input socket.

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Thurlby Thandar Instruments TTI -- TGA12100 Series -- Bedienungsanleitung
Dateiname: Thurlby-4732-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Dokumenttyp: Bedienungsanleitung
Seitenanzahl: 110
Dateigröße: 2.91 Mbytes (3054306 Bytes)
Sprache: Englisch
Revision: Issue 4
Dokument-ID/Nummer: 48591-1030
Datum: 2009
Qualität: Elektronisches Dokument, kein Scan, sehr gut lesbar.
Upload Datum:
MD5: b987c7377e96f9c0131ecb4dac7bf4ab
ed2kID: 1efd8da6c4ad23a0e10f00b5ffe9f7b9
Downloads: 73 seit 02 November 2013
Introduction 3
Specifications 5
Safety 13
EMC 15
Installation 16
Connections 18
Front Panel Connections 18
Rear Panel Connections 19
General 21
Initial Operation 21
Principles of Editing 22
Principles of Operation 23
Standard Waveform Operation 25
Setting Generator Parameters 25
Warnings and Error Messages 27
SYNC Output 28
Sweep Operation 30
General 30
Setting Sweep Parameters 30
Triggered Burst and Gate 34
General 34
Triggered Burst 35
Gated Mode 37
Sync Out in Triggered Burst and Gated Mode 38
Tone Mode 39
Arbitrary Waveform Generation 41
Introduction 41
Selecting and Outputting Arbitrary Waveforms 42
Creating New Waveforms 42
Modifying Arbitrary Waveforms 43
Arbitrary Waveform Sequence 49
Frequency and Amplitude Control with Arbitrary Waveforms 50
Sync Out Settings with Arbitrary Waveforms 51
Waveform Hold in Arbitrary Mode 52
Output Filter Setting 52
Pulse and Pulse-trains 53
Pulse Set-up 53
Pulse-train Setup 55
Waveform Hold in Pulse and Pulse-Train Modes 58
Modulation 59
Introduction 59
External Modulation 59
Internal Modulation 60
Sum 61
Inter-Channel Synchronisation 63
Synchronising Two Generators 66
Memory Card and Other System Operations from the Utility Menu 68
Memory Card – General Information 68
System Operations from the Utility Menu 70
Calibration 74
Equipment Required 74
Calibration Procedure 74
Calibration Routine 75
Remote Calibration 78
Remote Operation 79
Power on Settings 86
Remote Commands 87
Channel Selection 88
Frequency and Period 88
Amplitude and DC Offset 88
Waveform Selection 89
Arbitrary Waveform Create and Delete 89
Arbitrary Waveform Editing 90
Waveform Sequence Control 92
Mode Commands 92
Input/Output control 92
Modulation Commands 93
Synchronising Commands 93
Status Commands 93
Miscellaneous Commands 94
Remote Command Summary 95
Maintenance 99
Appendix 1. Warning and Error Messages 100
Appendix 2. SYNC OUT Automatic Settings 104
Appendix 3. Factory System Defaults 105
Appendix 4. Waveform Manager Plus Arbitrary Waveform Creation and Management Software 106
Block Diagrams 107
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