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Thurlby Thandar Instruments TTI TA320S Logic Analysator
Thurlby Thandar Instruments TTI
Modell: TA320S
Datum: 1996
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Logic Analysator
                                    The TA320 is a high performance, very low-cost, portable logic analyser for development, production and field-service applications. It can capture data across 32 channels (at 25MHz) at up to 100MHz (8 channels) and display it in both Timing and List formats on the built-in supertwist LCD or on a PC screen.
The TA320 features multi-level triggering with event counting and restart. Glitch capture and glitch triggering are also available with the appropriate input pods. The three external clocks have independent qualifiers and both data and clock pod inputs can be fixed (TTL) or variable threshold depending on pod choice.
All functions are accessed through easy to follow soft-key controlled displays. The use of soft-keys guides the user and minimises the number of keystrokes required to achieve the desired function. Alternatively the TA320 can be fully remote-controlled via its RS232 serial interface from a PC which offers an enhanced soft-key orientated user interface and more sophisticated data displays.
An ARC (Addressable RS232 Chain) compatible RS-232 interface is standard, as is non-volatile storage of data and set-ups (battery-backed CMOS RAM). Disassemblers for popular microprocessors are optional.

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Introduction 1
Section 1 - Specification 2
Section 2 - Safety, Installation and EMC 4
Section 3 - Initial Operation 7
Section 4 - Configuration Menu 10
Section 5 - Trigger Words Menu 14
Section 6 - Trigger Sequence Menu 17
Section 7 - Timing Display 20
Section 8 - List Display 25
Section 9 - Utilities Menu 29
Section 10 - Making an Acquisition 32
Section 11 - ARC Remote Control 33

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