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Mimaki JV5-130S Drucker
Modell: JV5-130S
Datum: 2006
Kategorie: Computer usw.
Gruppe: Drucker
Beschreibung: Color Inkjet Printer

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Datum: 29 September 2006
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This manual covers the instructions and useful information to be given to the service personnel on
maintenance of the color inkjet printer JV5-130S/160S. Perform maintenance work according to the
instructions given in this manual and the related documents listed below.
This manual consists of the following chapters:
CHAPTER 1 Outline of Maintenance
Describes the specifications and other information of the printer, including precautions
to be taken in maintenance work.
CHAPTER 2 Operation Principle and Functions
Explaines the operation of each unit, and describes the functions and setting items of the
CHAPTER 3 Overhaul / Adjustment
Describes procedures for removal and reinstallation of major parts.
Adjusting or testing methods, or mechanical adjusting methods using jigs and tools are
also described.
CHAPTER 4 Troubleshooting
Describes how to determine the cause of trouble and how to repair the printer.
CHAPTER 5 Explanation of Electrical Parts
Describes information about PCBs and electrical parts.
Related Documents
The following documents relate to JV5-130S/160S. Refer to them whenever necessary.
• OPERATION MANUAL (Packed with main unit)
• SETUP GUIDE (for Service Engineers)

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