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Tektronix L3 Spektrumanalysator
Modell: L3
Datum: 1978
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Spektrumanalysator
Beschreibung: Plug-In

The L3 Plug-In Module is one of a series of modules that
are used with the Tektronix 7L5 Spectrum Analyzer to
provide it with various front end capabilities. The L3
has a switch-selectable input termination: 50Ω,600Ω, or a
high impedance (1 MΩ/28 pF) probe compatible input.

Options for the L3 are described in the Options section.

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Tektronix -- L3 -- Service- und Bedienungsanleitung
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Datum: April 1978
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