Geräte Informationen:

Tektronix 7844 Oszilloskop
Modell: 7844
Datum: 1974
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Oszilloskop
Beschreibung: Dual Beam Oscilloscope

The TEKTRONIX 7844/R7844 is a solid-state, wide bandwidth,
dual-beam oscilloscope. The instrument accepts TEKTRONIX
7000-Series plug-in units to form a complete measurement
system. The flexibility of the plug-in feature and
variety of plug-in units available allow the system to
be used for many different measurement applications.

The 7844/R7844 provides separate vertical and horizontal
deflection systems in addition to FOCUS, INTENSITY, and
BEAMFINDER functions for each beam. The plug-in unit in
either vertical compartment can be selected to provide
vertical deflection for either beam. The plug-in units
in either horizontal compartment may be selected to provide
horizontal deflection for either beam.
The 7844/R7844 features regulated dc power supplies
to ensure that the performance is not affected by
variations in line voltage and frequency, or by changes
in load due to varying power requirements of the plug-in
units. The 7844/R7844 operates from a 115 V or 230 V
{50 Hz to 400 Hz) nominal line source.
Other features include a dual-gun full-overlap crt with
a graticule area of 8 x 10 centimeters. The instrument
also provides a crt display of alphanumeric information
encoded by the plug-in units. The READOUT display
indicates plug-in unit status such as deflection factor,
sweep rate, and other plug-in dependent parameters.
The Option 21 instrument is basically the same as the
standard 7844/R7844 except that the vertical deflection
system is dedicated. The amplifier unit in the LEFT VERT
compartment controls the vertical deflection of beam 1
and the amplifier unit in the RIGHT VERT compartment
controls the vertical deflection of beam 2. The VERTICAL
MODE switch and VERT SEP control have been deleted.

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