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LeCroy 9410 Oszilloskop
Modell: 9410
Datum: 1991
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Oszilloskop
Beschreibung: Digital Oscilloscope
                                    The 9410 Dual-channel Digital Oscilloscope delivers unrivaled
capture and analysis capabilities for signals up to 150 MHz
in frequency. Precision flash ADCs are used to digitize
single-shot events at rates up to 100 megasamples/sec
(4 gigasamples'sec for repetitive waveforms). The unit’s
long 10K acquisition memories ensure excellent timing
resolution to reveal the finest signal details on any
time-base setting. Live, stored or processed waveforms
can be expanded up to 200 times for maximum timing
Advanced triggering capabilities which detect glitches,
timing violations or even logic patterns, make catching
rare or complex events easy. Waveforms and measurements
are presented instantly on the screen and can be transferred
directly to a wide variety of plotters and printers,
archived onto PCs, or stored on an optional credit card
memory facility. Additional firmware packages are
available to extend the oscilloscope’s processing
capabilities in both time and frequency domains.

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LeCroy -- 9410 -- Serviceanleitung
Dateiname: LeCroy-4104-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Dokumenttyp: Serviceanleitung
Seitenanzahl: 364
Dateigröße: 22.47 Mbytes (23558836 Bytes)
Sprache: Englisch
Revision: 1
Datum: Dezember 1991
Qualität: Gescanntes Dokument, alles ist lesbar.
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Chapter 1 Specifications
Waveform processing package
Fast Fourier processing package

Chapter 2 Basic Operation and Block Diagrams
DSO sub assemblies and block diagram 
Display description and block diagram 
Base board block diagram
A/D converter description and block diagram 
Time base block diagram and sampling rate table 
Processor block diagram 
Front end description and block diagram 
Power supply specifications and block diagram

Chapter 3 
Basic Performance Test Procedure
Internal Diagnostics and Calibration

Chapter 4 
Service Information and Procedures
Disassembly/Assembly diagram and procedure
Software upgrade procedure
Options description and table
Board exchange procedure
Power supply adjustment procedure
Front end calibration procedure
Display calibration procedure

Chapter 5
Troubleshooting and Flow Charts 
Service equipment and spare parts

Chapter 6
Circuit Diagrams 
Boards layout
Integrated circuits description

Chapter 7
Mechanical Parts
Description and part number

Chapter 8
Parts List

Chapter 9
Connecting the 9410 to a Plotter or a printer 
List of plotters and printers 
RS 232 interface 
GPIB interface
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LeCroy -- 9410 -- Bedienungsanleitung
Dateiname: LeCroy-7130-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Dokumenttyp: Bedienungsanleitung
Seitenanzahl: 232
Dateigröße: 6.48 Mbytes (6799000 Bytes)
Sprache: Englisch
Datum: Mai 1992
Qualität: Gescanntes Dokument, alles ist lesbar.
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1 General Information
Initial Inspection 1
Warranty 1
Product Assistance 1
Maintenance Agreements 1
Document Discrepancies 2
Service Procedure 2
Return Procedure 2
2 About Remote Control
GPIB Implementation Standard 3
Program Messages 3
Commands and Queries 4
Local and Remote State 5
Program Message Form 5
Command/Query Form 6
Response Message Form 9
3 GPIB Operation
GPIB Structure 11
Interface Capabilities 11
Addressing 12
GPIB Signals 12
IEEE 488.1 Standard Messages 13
Programming GPIB Transfers 15
Programming Service Requests 19
Instrument Polls 21
Driving a Hard-copy Device 25
4 RS-232-C Operation
Introduction 29
RS-232-C Pin Assignments 29
RS-232-C Configuration 30
Commands Simulating GPIB Commands 33
5 System Commands
Organization 35
Command Summary 35
Command Execution 37
Command Notation 37
6 Waveform Structure
Introduction 179
Logical Data Blocks of a Waveform 179
Inspect? Command 180
Waveform? Command 182
Waveform Command 187
More Control of Waveform Queries 188
High-speed Waveform Transfer 188
7 Status Registers
Overview of Status and Service Request Reporting 191
Status Byte Register (STB) 193
Standard Event Status Register (ESR) 194
Standard Event Status Enable Register (ESE) 195
Service Request Enable Register (SRE) 195
Parallel Poll Enable Register (PRE) 195
Internal State Change Status Register (INR) 195
Internal State Change Enable Register (INE) 196
Command Error Status Register (CMR) 196
Device Dependent Error Status Register (DDR) 196
Execution Error Status Register (EXR) 196
User Request Status Register (URR) 196
Appendix A
Example 1: Use of the Interactive GPIB Program ’IBIC’
Example 2: GPIB Program for IBM PC (High-level Function
Calls) Example 3: GPIB Program for IBM PC (Low-level
Function Calls)
Appendix B
The Waveform Template
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