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LeCroy 9400A Oszilloskop
Modell: 9400A
Datum: 1990
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Oszilloskop
Beschreibung: Digital Oscilloscope
                                    The LeCroy 9400A Digital Oscilloscope is a powerful
general-purpose tool for waveform recording and analysis.
Combining ease of use with a comprehensive range of
measurement and processing capabilities, it enables
extremely precise measurements.

The LeCroy 9400A provides 175 MHz bandwidth, 100
megasamples/sec 8-bit ADCs, ± 2 % DC accuracy (± 1 %
optional), 32K memory per channel, and up to 192K of
waveform storage memory. It is fully programmable over
RS-232-C or GPIB interfaces. Plotter drivers enable color
archiving via a wide range of digital plotters.

High bandwidth and precision - Two independent channels,
each with 175 MHz bandwidth and a high-performance 8-bit
ADC, handle input signals with better than +2% DC accuracy
(±1% optional). The 9400A features sampling rates of 100
megasamples/ sec for transient events. Long memories and a
versatile cursor system (including voltage, time and
cross-hair cursors), give time measurements with an accuracy
of ±0.02% ofthe time-base setting, and resolution of ±0.002%
full scale.
High-resolution display-The 9400A’s large display screen
produces bright, stable, razor-sharp pictures of your signal
under any repetition rate conditions. Very accurate signal
comparisons are possible as up to four waveforms (live,
expanded or processed) can be displayed simultaneously on
the high-resolution screen (1024 x 1024 pixels).
Long memories - The long 32K acquisition memories of the
9400A Digital Oscilloscope capture waveforms with high
fidelity. At similar time-base settings, the 9400A’s long
memories allow sampling rates up to 25 times faster than
that of instruments which have only 1K of acquisition memory
(see graph below). Faster sampling rates ensure higher
single-shot bandwidth as well as significantly reducing
problems caused by undersampling and aliasing. The 9400A’s
long memories allow displayed waveforms to be expanded up to
100 times to show the finest signal details.
Transient recording - With a sampling rate of 100
megasamples/sec, the 9400A is an extremely powerful
transient recorder. Long 32K data point acquisition
memories, combined with a continuously adjustable trigger
(from 100% pre-trigger to 10,000 divisions post-trigger at
any time-base setting), ensure that rare events cannot be
missed. Both channels are sampled simultaneously so that
exact time correlation is maintained between channels.

Full programmability - All the 9400A’s front-panel controls
are fully programmable via the two RS-232-C interface ports
or the GPIB port. A single push-button initiates a screen
dump for accurate color hard copies of the display via a
wide range of digital plotters. The GPIB comes complete with
LeCroy “MASP” software offering computer control and mass
storage on any PC compatible with the IBM® standard.

Signal processing - The waveform processing options extend
the applications of the 9400A to high bandwidth signal
characterization, as well as mathematical and spectral
analysis. The routines include averaging (summed and
continuous), smoothing, integration, differentiation,
square, square-root, full arithmetic, FFT spectral analysis,
and Extrema monitoring.

Mass storage and remote control - A sophisticated mass
storage and remote control package is available to assist
users involved in automated and computer-aided testing.
Convenient portability for field applications is also
provided by a lap-top computer.

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The present Service Manual applies to both the 9400 and
the 9400À DSOs. Both models are called 9400 when the
information applies equally to both oscilloscopes.
Where the two models have distinct features, the model
number 9400 or 9400A is explicitly stated.
The chief purpose of this manual is to provide information
for technicians, mainly authorized LeCroy repair office
personnel, who are responsible for repairs and modifications
to the LeCroy 9400/9400A DSOs.
To this end, the descriptions provided are intended to be
of sufficient depth to enable faults to be diagnosed to
the level of the relevant board, so that the customer can
be quickly supported by exchange of boards. In many cases
the fault may be corrected at the local LeCroy office,
but there are several areas of the circuitry where
replacement of a part would need to be followed by
calibration which could be done only with specialized
equipment available at the main LeCroy establishments.
Calibration procedures are given in this manual only
for those areas which could be serviced locally.
A DSO repair intervention at board exchange level
can only be done by qualified technicians who have
followed the basic 9400/9400A service training.
LeCroy also offers these courses to customers. In
addition, there is a very comprehensive 9400 Adjustment
and Calibration Software Package CALS0FT (order codes
CS01/CS02) based on the IBM PC or a compatible computer.
This software package is also available to customers,
as well as all the hardware making up the 9400 Automated
Calibration System (order code CS-S) which is used
in all LeCroy service offices to ensure full performance
of the instrument. This system provides Calibration
Certificates traceable to NBS. LeCroy also offers training
classes on DSO calibration.
This manual could be improved by the inclusion of useful
information resulting from detection and correction
of faults in 9400/9400A DSOs at any LeCroy office.
Each time a DSO is opened, an official LeCroy repair
report should be sent to LeCroy S.A., attention
Customer Service. The information is entered into
a centrally maintained DSO data base for failure
analysis and engineering feedback.
Before undertaking any work on the 9400 DSO you should
read the next sections - WARNINGS and VALID RANGE

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Technical Data Sheet
1.1	Warranty	1-1
1.2	Assistance and Maintenance Agreements	1-1
1.3	Documentation Discrepancies	1-2
1.4	Service Procedure	1-2
1.5	Return Procedure	1-2
1.6	Initial Inspection	1-3

2.1	Introduction	2-1

2.2	9400A Architecture	2-1

2.3	ADCs and Memories	2-2

2.4	Trigger	2-3

2.5	Automatic Calibration	2-3

2.6	Display	2-3

2.7	Manual and Programmed Control	2-3
3.1	Safety Information	3-1

3.2	Operating Voltage	3-1

3.3	Switching on the 9400A	3-2
4.1	Menu Field	4-1
4.2	Time and Frequency Field	4-2
4.3	Trigger Delay Field	4-2
4.4	Abridged Front Panel Status Field	4-2
4.5	Displayed Trace Field	4-2
4.6	Message Field	4-3
5.1	Front-panel Controls	5-1
5.1.1	Vertical	5-1
5.1.2	Time Base	5-4
5.1.3	Trigger	5-6
5.1.4	Displaying Traces	5-12
5.1.5	Display Control	5-12
5.1.6	Screen Adjustments	5-1
5.1.7	Cursors	5-15
5.2 Menu Controls	5-18

5.2.1	Store Menu	5-18

5.2.2	Panel Status Menu	5-20

5.2.3	Memory Status	5-22

5.2.4	Storage and Recall of Front Panel Setups	5-24

5.2.5	Special Modes	5-25	Auto-store Mode	5-25	Common Expand Mode	5-26

5.2.6	RS-232-C Setup	5-26

5.2.7	Plotter Setup	5-28


6.1	Fuse Protection	6-1

6.2	Accessory Power Connectors	6-1

6.3	Battery Pack	6-1

6.4	GPIB and RS-232-C Port Selection	6-1

6.5	Plotter Connector	6-2


7.1	Programmed Control	7-1

7.2	RS-232-C Ports	7-1

7.3	GPIB Port (Option 0P02 only)	7-2

7.4	GPIB and RS-232-C Command Format	7-3

7.4.1	Introduction	7-3

7.4.2	Compound Commands	7-4

7.4.3	Command Format	7-4

7.4.4	Answers from the 9400A	7-5

7.4.5	Flushing of 9400A Output Buffer	7-6

7.4.6	Command Synchronization with Data Acquisition	7-6

7.4.7	Character Strings	7-7

7.4.8	Prompt	7-7

7.4.9	Errors and Adapted Values	7-8

7.5	Data Block Transfers	7-8

7.6	Commands	7-11

7.6.1	Notation	7-11

7.6.2	Acquisition Parameter Commands	7-12

7.6.3	Display Commands	7-15

7.6.4	Plotter Commands	7-20

7.6.5	Transfer Commands	7-22

7.6.6	Other Remote Commands	7-30

7.6.7	Communication Format Command	7-31

7.6.8	Status Byte and Mask Register Commands	7-34

7.6.9	GPIB Interface Message Interpretation	7-38

7.6.10	RS-232-C Only Commands	7-39
7.7	Binary Format of Waveform Descriptors
7.8	Format of Trigger Time(s)
7.9	Data Addressing Conventions
7.10	Interpretation of Waveform Data Values
7.10.1	Waveform Data in 8-bit Format
7.10.2	Waveform Data in 16-bit Format
7.11	Use of the Service Request (SRQ) Interrupts
7.11.1	Service Request in GPIB
7.11.2	Service Request in RS-232-C
8.1	Repetitive Signal Acquisition
8.2	Single Shot Acquisition
8.3	Trace Expansion - Expand A/B
8.A	Sequential Recording of Single Events in
	Segmented Memory
8.5	Slow Signal Recording
8.6	Window Triggering
8.7	Storing and Recalling Front Panel Setups
8.8	Signal Storage in Memories C, D
8.9	Redefinition Function - Expand Memories C, D
8.10	Auto-Store in Memory C, D
8.11	Common Expand Mode
8.12	Remote Control Via RS-232-C Port
8.13	Remote Control Via GPIB (Option 0P02 Only)
8.14	Making a Plot when the Computer, the 9400A, and the
Plotter are All Connected Together
	on a GPIB Bus (Option 0P02 Only)
8.15	Configuring the Parallel Polling (Option 0P02 Only)
9.1	Front Panel Controls
9.2	Accurate Amplitude Measurements
9.3	Accurate Time Measurements
9.4	Auto-calibration
10.1	Processing Capabilities
10.2	Setting up a Waveform Processing Function Manually
10.2.1	Summed Average
10.2.2	Continuous Average
10.2.3	Extrema
10.2.4	Arithmetic
10.2.5	Functions
10.2.6	10.3  10.4  10.5  10.6	Remote Control of Waveform
Processing Functions Additional Values in the Descriptors of
Processed Waveforms Vertical Scaling Units Index of Topics
Fast Fourier Waveform Processing Option (VP02, V 2.06FT)	
11.1  11.2  11.3  11.4	Processing Capabilities Modification
to WP01 Functions FFT Processing Examples Remote Control of
FFT Processing
11.4.1  11.4.2	Remote Commands  Additional Values in the
Descriptors of FFT Processed Waveforms
11.5	FFT Application Hints
11.5.1  11.5.2  11.5.3	Some practical suggestions 
Relationships of 9400A FFT output waveforms to the FFT
computation steps Computation Speed of FFT
11.6  11.7  11.8  11.9  11.10	FFT 9400A Glossary  Errors and
Warnings  Table of Nyquist Frequencies  References  Index of

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