Geräte Informationen:

Fluke 95 Scopemeter
Modell: 95
Datum: 1993
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Scopemeter
                                    SCOPEMETER FEATURES

Your ScopeMeter combines the capabilities of a dual-trace,
digital storage oscilloscope with the versatility of a
digital multimeter. This combination allows you to analyze
and compare complex waveforms, read voltage levels, or
simply measure resistances.

ScopeMeter features include:

•	Dual Trace, 50 MHz Bandwidth Scope.

•	25 million samples-per-second, 40 ns glitch capture

•	3 2/3digit, 3000-Count Digital Multimeter (DMM).

•	Menu-Driven Operator Interface for easy operation.

•	Storage of 10 front panel setups (Meter and Scope Modes)
allows for semi-automated operation.
•	Digital storage for eight waveforms.

•	Simultaneous display of four waveforms (any combination of
live and stored) allows for useful comparisons.

•	Auto set configures ScopeMeter to select the best voltage
and time base setting for a meaningful display.

•	Undo feature allows you to step back through the 10 most
recent key presses.

•	True portability and three power source choices allow for
testing in real-life environments.

•	A Quick Operating Guide, found in the ScopeMeter holster,
serves as a useful reference.

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Quick Operation Guide

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Section 1 Introducing Your ScopeMeter®

This section introduces ScopeMeter features and
capabilities. In about 10 minutes you will become familiar
with your ScopeMeter.

Section 2 Using the Meter

This section addresses specific ScopeMeter uses as a digital
multimeter. You will learn how to set up ScopeMeter for ac
and dc voltage measurement, diode tests, and resistance

Section 3 Using the Scope

This section explores the use of ScopeMeter as a dual trace,
digital storage oscilloscope. You will learn how to make,
store, and compare measurements.

Section 4 Additional Capabilities

This section covers the more advanced features available
with ScopeMeter.

Section 5 Measuring Examples

This section examines some typical measurements with your
ScopeMeter. The examples given here can help make many tests.

Section 6 ScopeMeter Tutorials

This section looks at the more advanced capabilities of your
ScopeMeter. You will become familiar with all aspects of
your ScopeMeter by using the demonstration unit delivered
with your ScopeMeter.

Section 7 User Maintenance

This section describes the cleaning and replacement of your
ScopeMeter battery. Periodic probe calibration and
performance verification are also covered here.

Section 8 Appendices

A.	Specifications: ScopeMeter's operating characteristics

B.	Parts and Accessories

C.	PM8907 information: Different Power Adapter/Battery
Charger types.

D.	Warranty and Service Centers: Warranty terms and Service
Center addresses.

E.	Terminology

F.	Menu Trees: Consult for a graphic view of the various
softkey menus and popup menus and their relationship to each

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