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Marconi TF 2070B Sonstiges
Modell: TF 2070B
Datum: 1972
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Sonstiges
Beschreibung: Digital Synchronizer
                                    Digital Synchronizer TF 217ÖB (Fig. 1.1) is
a self contained instrument designed expressly for
use with the TF 2002 s e r ie s of signal g en e ra to rs.
The (synchronizer is constructed to be easily
fitted to the signal g en e rato r and when the instruments
a re used together, the combination can be
classified as an accurate and stable phase locked
frequency synthesizer covering a range 32 kHz to
88 MHz when used with signal generator TF 2002B
or 100 kHz to 72 MHz when used with TF 2002 or
TF 2002AS.
The setting up procedure is extremely simple
and calls only for the positioning of the TF 2170B
frequency switches and the tuning of the signal
generator to obtain a 'locked on* condition which
holds the frequency of the signal generator to
within 1 p. p. m. of the frequency indicated by the
synchronizer switches for ambient temperatures
from +10 ° to 35 °C.
Used together, the combination provides an
r. f. source with many applications.
Solid state circuits are employed throughout
to ensure long term reliability and the design
provides for easy access to a ll components for
If desired, the signal generator can be used
independently without disconnection, by operating
a switch located on the front panel of TF 2170B.

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