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Marconi TF 2304 Level Meter
Modell: TF 2304
Datum: 1975
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Level Meter
Beschreibung: FM/AM Modulation Meter
                                    FM/AM Modulation Meter type TF 2304 has
been designed primarily for the servicing and production
line testing of mobile radio transmitters.
It covers the frequency bands most commonly used
for fixed and mobile communications and particular
attention has been paid to the provision of facilities
and accessories required for the field testing of
mobile equipment.
The instrument incorporates automatic tuning
over the carrier frequency range of 9 to 12.5 MHz
and 18 to 1000 MHz and also provides automatic
level control provided the input signal to the instrument
is within specified limits. Panel lamps are
provided to indicate when the r . f . input level is too
high or too low. With a suitable input the TF 2304
automatically locks to the carrier signal, the level
is automatically set, the meter settles, and a reading
cun be taken in about five seconds.
Measurements can be made, on f .m . transmitters,
of both positive and negative deviations at
modulation frequencies of 50 Hz to 9 kHz. Eight
selectable ranges between 1.5kIIz f.,s..d. and
150 kHz f .s .d . are provided.
On a .m , transmitters depth measurements
up to 95% at modulation frequencies between 50 Hz
and 9 kHz can be made at carrier frequencies up
to 400 MHz. Peak or trough indication can be
selected by a switch,,
Although measurements are normally made
by means of meter readout, i . f . and demodulated
outputs are available at the front panel for examination
or analysis. A switched de-emphasis
facility is provided for the demodulated output to
restore a modulation signal that has had preemphasis
The instrument can operate from an а „с.
mains supply or from an optional rechargeable
nickel cadmium battery pack mounted inside the
instrument case. The instrument can be operated
from the battery pack all day (the continuous operational
life of the battery pack is about 8 hours) then
charged up overnight using the built-in charger

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Marconi -- TF 2304 -- Service- und Bedienungsanleitung
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