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Marconi TF 1313A Interface
Modell: TF 1313A
Datum: 1966
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Interface
Beschreibung: O.l % Universal Bridge
                                    TF 1313A is a general-purpose impedance
bridge with one tenth per cent measurement
accuracy over a wide range of inductance, capacitance,
and resistance values. It offers exceptional
discrimination and resettability, wide-range
loss balancing, and facilities for using an external
oscillator and detector.
The single direct-reading dial used for L,
C, and R measurements has coarse aiid fine concentric
controls; the coarse one moves in 1%
steps and the fine gives continuously variable
interpolation between steps. The variable and
non-linear sensitivity of the detector facilitates
easy measurement of completely unknown components.
An external audio oscillator can be
plugged in where L and C measurements are required
at frequencies other than the internal 1 and
10kc/s; the detector output is available externally
to allow an oscilloscope or headphones to be used
for balance indication.
This bridge can be used for precision evaluation
of resistance, capacitance and inductance,
for measuring the dissipation factor of capacitors
and Q of inductors, and for quickly identifying
unknown components. Measurements on high-loss
components are made easier by the low D and Q
ranges of the loss balance control and the relative
independence between the adjustment of the main
and loss balance controls. Its high discrimination
and resettability make it particularly suitable for
comparative measurements such as checking the
difference between an unknown and a standard
component. Measurements on inductors carrying
d. c. can be made by using Adaptor TypeTM6113,
which is available as an optional accessory, while
an external d. c. supply can be connected direct
for polarizing capacitors.

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