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Fluke 2166A Thermometer
Modell: 2166A
Datum: 1977
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Thermometer
Beschreibung: Multipoint Digital Thermometer
                                    The Mode! 2166 A Multipoint Digital Thermometer is a
portable four-digit, manual-scan, thermocouple thermometer
capable of measuring any 1 of 10 possible like-type
thermocouple inputs and resolving 1°C or 1°F over a
temperature range of —200 to +2328°C or —328 to +3999°F. It
features switch selection of temperature (°C7°F) and
thermocouple channel (1-10), a four digit LED display,
reference junction compensation (to eliminate the need for
an ice bath reference junction), the choice of any one of
eight thermocouple types (J, K, T, E, R, S, B or C) as the
input device, dual-slope measurement techniques, digital
linearization of thermocouple inputs, and power inputs for
both ac line and external 12V dc operation. Several options
and accessories are also available for use with the 2166A.
1-3. Front panel switch controls include a push-button power
switch (ΌΝ/OFF), a push-button temperature select switch
(°C/°F), and a 10-position rotary switch for selecting the
desired thermocouple. The rotary switch is labeled CHANNEL
Select and the thermocouple inputs are identified as 1
through 10.
1-4. The front-panel display consists of five,
seven-segment, high-intensity LED’s, and features leading
zero suppression. Four of the LED’s are used to display
numeric data, including a minus sign for negative
temperature indications. The fifth LED displays the selected
°C or °F scale charac- ter. An open-thermoeouple detector
causes the display to blink when an open circuit is sensed
at any one of the selected thermocouple input terminals,
1-5. A plug-in module at the rear of the 2166A provides 10
pairs of screw-type input terminals for attaching individual
thermocouples to the desired channels. These terminals are
an integral part of an isothermal block and serve as the
reference junction for the reference junction compensator.
(The reference junction compensator provides the physical
and electrical equivalent of, and eliminates the need for,
an ice bath junction at 0°C or 32°F.)
All thermocouples connected to the input terminals must be
of the same type.
1-6. The actual measurement range of the 2166 A is
determined by the type of thermocouples being used as the
input devices. Any one of eight thermocouple types can be
used; J, K, T, E, R, S, B or C. To ensure the proper
linearization of the selected thermocouple input, a
corresponding linearization program must be selected on the
interior of the unit. Selection is accomplished by
installing a type select pcb which corresponds to the input
thermocouple. A single type select pcb is supplied with the
unit to match the thermocouple specified at the time of
purchase. The remaining pcb’s are individually available as
accessories and are described in Table 1-1.
I-7. Accessories and options available for use with the
2166Aare listed and described in Tables 1-1 and 1-2,
respectively. Both options are field installable. Either
one, but not both, of the options can be installed in a
unit. Detailed information concerning each option and
accessory is given in Section 6 of this manual, Option and
Accessory Information.

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