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Fluke 5205A Verstärker
Modell: 5205A
Datum: 1976
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Verstärker
Beschreibung: Precision Power Amplifier
                                    The Model 5205A Precision Power Amplifier is a dc coupled,
broad band inverting amplifier with a set gain of 100. The
5205 A may be used in combination with the 5200A AC
Calibrator for a combined output ranging from 100 (100.000)
to 1100 (1100.000) volts rms at frequencies up to 100 kHz.
When the 5205A is operating as an independent amplifier ac
voltages from 0V to 1100V rms at currents up to 200 mA rms
may be obtained. The waveforms may vary from a large
amplitude sinusoidal to complex waveforms of DC, however,
peak voltage specifications limit the output to 1500 volts.
DC voltages from zero to 1500 volts may be obtained at
current levels of 100 mA
1-3. Control of the 5205 A can be exercised either manually
from the front panel controls or by remote programming.
Remote connectors for the 5200A and a customer supplied
control source are provided on the rear panel. Connection of
the Model 5200A AC Calibrator with the supplied factory
cable provides all the analog signal and remote programming
data required.
1-4. The amplifier output cable and the input for
independent operations are installed on the front panel.
Both may be installed on the rear panel for system
operations if desired as option —07. The standard output
cable is a permanently attached, three foot long, four wire,
low capacitance cable which allows remote sensing, high
output current and high frequency operation.
1-5. Equipment protection is provided by the Fault and the
Overload circuits. Activating the fault circuit
automatically reverts the unit to the Standby mode and
removes any voltage present from the output. Faults can
originate from procedureal errors or equipment failure. A
fault due to procedural error can be removed by resetting
the systems and performing the restarting procedure. An
overload error can be corrected by removing the overload
from the circuit. Return to operate will occur automatically
when the overload is removed, unless the overload is
accompanied by a fault. In this case, power must be removed
and restored to remove the indications.

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