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Fluke 80TK Tastkopf
Modell: 80TK
Datum: 2002
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Tastkopf
Beschreibung: Thermocouple Module
                                    The Fluke 80TK is a thermocouple converter for use with any
K-type thermocouple and a digital multimeter. The 80TK
accepts the output of any K-type thermocouple and converts
it to 1 millivolt per degree (Celsius or Fahrenheit).
A three-position switch acts as a power switch as well as
selecting Fahrenheit or Celsius scaling for the output. In
addition, the OFF position of the power switch allows you to
read the battery condition via the external multimeter. The
thermocouple input accepts wire leads or standard
minithermocouple connectors.
Temperature is measured by exposing or attaching the
thermocouple to the surface to be measured. The multimeter
displays the temperature directly in degrees Fahrenheit or

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