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Fluke 8845A Digital Multimeter
Modell: 8845A
Datum: 2007
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Digital Multimeter
Beschreibung: 6.5 Digit Precision Multimeter
                                    The 8845A and 8846A are 6-1/2 digit, dual-display
multimeters designed for bench-top,
field service, and system applications. Their full
complement of measurement functions
plus its RS-232, IEEE 488, and Ethernet Remote Interfaces
makes these multimeters
ideal candidates for precision manual measurements and use
in automated systems. For
portability, these multimeters include a carrying handle
that also serves as a bail for
bench top operation.
There are a few additional features in the 8846A that are
not present in the 8845A. These
features will be identified with the annotation of “8846A
Only” by each feature that is
found only in that model. Separate specification tables are
also used to clarify the
differences between these two models.
The following is a list of some of the features and functions:
 Bright, large-digit, wide-viewing-angle display
 Dual display for displaying two properties of an input
signal (e.g., ac voltage in one
display and frequency in the other).
 Remote operation via IEEE 488, RS-232, and Ethernet interface.
 Trigger in and measurement-complete out
 Front panel USB port for optional memory (8846A Only)
 6-1/2 digit resolution
 Half-rack width
 True rms ac
 2 and 4-wire resistance measurements
 Extended 10 Ω and 1 GΩ ranges (8846A Only)
 Frequency measurements to 300 kHz (8846A to 1 MHz)
 Capacitance measurements (8846A Only)
 Temperature measurement (8846A Only)
 10 A current capability
 Decibels (dB and dBm) with variable reference impedance and
audio power
measurement capability
 Input terminals on both front and rear panels of the meter
 Closed-case calibration (no internal calibration adjustments)

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Calibration Manual

Organization of the Calibration Manual
This calibration manual is divided into the following chapters:
Chapter 1 – Introduction and Specifications
This chapter introduces the Fluke 8845A and 8846A Digital
Multimeters, describing their
features, and accessories. This chapter also discusses use
of the Calibration Manual and
the various conventions used in describing the meter’s
circuitry and presents a complete
set of specifications.
Chapter 2 – General Maintenance
Chapter 2 provides maintenance information covering
handling, cleaning, and fuse
replacement. Access and reassembly procedures are also
explained in this chapter.
Chapter 3 – Performance Test and Calibration
This chapter provides performance verification procedures
related to the specifications
presented in Chapter 1. To maintain these specifications, a
full adjustment/calibration
procedure is also presented.
Chapter 4 – List of Replaceable Parts
Chapter 4 includes parts lists for all standard assemblies
and information on how and
where to order parts.
Operating Instructions
Full operating instructions are provided in the Fluke
8845A/8846A Users Manual.
Reference to these instructions may be necessary during some
of the maintenance and
repair procedures presented in this Calibration Manual.
Table 1-3 lists the available accessories for the 8845A and

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