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Fluke 8522A Digital Multimeter
Modell: 8522A
Datum: 1990
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Digital Multimeter
Beschreibung: Bench/System Multimeter
                                    The John Fluke Model 8522A Digital Multimeter is designed
for use in an automated test system or for use as an
independent device. The 5-1 / 2 digit instrument can be
operated locally from the front panel or remotely via a
BCD/Parallel (remote) interface. The 8522A can directly
measure dc, ac, and ac 4-dc voltage; resistance (both 2-and
4-wire); and conductance (the reciprocal of resistance).
While the range of measurement can be manually selected, all
functions except conductance (nS) have full autoranging
capabilities (conductance only has one range). When
measruement function and range are selected, the 8522A
automatically programs the reading rate and filter for
optimum measurement accruacy. Other values for reading rate
and filter can be manually selected. The seven math programs
allow more sophisticated processing of measurement data
(such as computing the peak-to-peak value, percentage of
deviation, rise time, etc.) and additional measruement
functions. For example, the standard 8522A can make voltage
ratio measurements and an 8522A equipped with the -010
Option can make voltage ratio measurements, dB measurements,
and temperature measurements in addition to the direct
voltage and resistance measurements. The burst feature of
the 8522A allows the operator to capture up to 50 readings
(400 with the -010 Option) at various reading rates and to
display the readings at a different rate, to delay the time
after a trigger before the readings are taken, or to look at
what happened to the signal before the trigger occurred. The
TRIGGER controls allow internal triggering, manual
triggering via the remote interface, and triggering from an
external source. All measurements can be guarded.

DC voltages can be measured from 1 (xV up to 1000V in five
ranges; 100 mV, IV, I0V, IOOV, and 1000V. AC and ac + dc
voltages can be measured from 10 juV ac rms to 650V ac rms
in four ranges (IV, 10V, 10GV, and 650V acrms) over the
frequency range of 10 Hz to 1 MHz,

Resistance can be measured in two ways. Hither directly
using the 02 WIRE and 04 WIRE functions or inversely using
the conductance function. The 02 WIRE and 04 WIRE functions
provide measurement of resistance from 100 microhms to 20
megohms is seven ranges: 10 ohms, 100 ohms, 1000 ohms, lö
kilohms, lOOkilohms, 1 megohm, and 10 megohms. Conductance
provides fast, accurate, noise-free measurement of
resistances from 10 megohms up to 10,000 megohms in a single
range, 100 nS. Conductance is displayed in Siemens
(international units) which is equal to the reciprocal of
ohms (S = I/O).

The standard 8522A has seven math programs:

#1	TEST	Four diagnostic self-test programs.

#2      ZERO	Automatic meter zeroing for dc voltage offsets
and resistance offsets (such as test lead resistance).

XREF	Ratio between the input voltage and an external
reference voltage.

OSR	Subtracts an offset (OFST) from the input, multiplies by
a scale factor (SCAL), divides by a ratio factor (RATO), and
displays the result.

A PCT	Displays the percentage deviation of the input with
respect to a stored nominal value.

PEAK	Captures upper and lower peak values and computes
peak-to-peak value.

Tests the reading against stored upper and lower limits and
displays the results of each reading, the number HIGH, the
number LOW, the number that PASS, and the TOTAL number of

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Fluke -- 8522A -- Datenblatt
Dateiname: Fluke-7644-Manual-Page-1-Picture
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Datum: 1990
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Fluke -- 8522A -- Service- und Bedienungsanleitung
Dateiname: Fluke-10122-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Dokumenttyp: Service- und Bedienungsanleitung
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Sprache: Englisch
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The information in this manual, 8522A Operator Manual, is
divided into nine sections:		

Digital Multimeter and the Instruction Manual Set, and lists
the instrument’s specifications.
with your 8522A, this section tells you how to get it
corrected and how to ship the instrument.
3	INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE	How to physically install the
8522A — including connecting line power and the remote
4	FAMILIARIZATION	Describes the location and basic function
of all instrument controls, connectors, and indicators.
5	OPERATING NOTES	Provides information about the 8522A that
every operator needs to know. For example, the Input
Overload Limits.
6	LOCAL OPERATION	Describes local (front panel) operation
procedures for each multimeter function of the 8522a.
7	MATH PROGRAMS	Presents a detailed description of each math
program: what the program does, how to use the program,
program options, and program data.
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