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Fluke 1722A Control Unit
Modell: 1722A
Datum: 1983
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Control Unit
Beschreibung: programmable Instrument Controller
                                    The Fluke 1722A is a programmable Instrument Controller
designed to manage a multiple instrument system using the
IEEE-488-1980 instrumentation bus. It is able to command and
communicate with various devices over this industry-standard
User programs give the Controller the ability to collect
data, process it, make decisions, respond to instrument
service requests, and to format the results of these
activities to meet the unique needs of the user.
The 1722A stores programs and the collected data on disk. A
floppy disk drive is a standard built-in feature of the
Instrument Controller. A general purpose RS-232 port is also
standard; it permits the Controller to send information out
to many types of peripheral devices, including modems and
The programmer enters programs at a detachable keyboard. The
system communicates with the programmer by way of a CRT
display. After a program is entered, it can be stored in
memory, on floppy disks or hard disk for later use.
During operation, the keyboard can be detached. In this
mode, the operator uses the Touch-Sensitive Display to
respond to directions from the program, and to give inputs
to the system.

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Fluke -- 1722A -- Bedienungsanleitung
Dateiname: Fluke-7627-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Dokumenttyp: Bedienungsanleitung
Seitenanzahl: 416
Dateigröße: 13.32 Mbytes (13971447 Bytes)
Sprache: Englisch
Revision: 2
Dokument-ID/Nummer: 716621
Datum: Dezember 1984
Qualität: Gescanntes Dokument, alles ist lesbar.
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MD5: d2470d9f0331537892feb835dbc79820
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This manual is the primary reference for the Fluke 1722A
Instrument Controller. The 1722A System Guide is part of a
manual set that supports the Controller, and covers hardware
and software.
The purpose of the System Guide is to provide an easy to use
source of information for a variety of users. Whether this
is your first exposure to programmable instrumentation, or
whether you already have extensive programming experience,
our intention has been to anticipate and meet your needs for
accurate, well organized information.
First-time users should read the Getting Started manual.
Getting Started is designed to help set up the Controller
and begin using it. The Fluke BASIC Programming Manual and
other language manuals describe how to use a programming
language and its available software tools.

Describes the organization of the System Guide, and the
conventions used in the manual
•Section 2 Setting up the Controller Provides a first look,
at the Controller, and contains unpacking and setup
information. It illustrates controls, indicators, and
connectors, and includes start-up procedures.
Section 3 Software Configuration
Describes the Operating System software, and the other
programs on a new System disk.
Section 4 Devices and Files
Describes the system’s resources and how to use them. This
section contains a complete description of the File Utility,
Section 5 Communications
Tells how to use the Controller to send and receive
information using the ports for the IEEE-488 bus and the
RS-232 interface.
Section 6 Creating and Editing Programs
Explains how to use the Editor program to write and modify
Section 7 Automating System Functions
Explains how to use the various software and hardware
resources to automate the functions of the Controller.
Section 8 Display
Explains how to use the Controller’s graphics capabilities
to design detailed and informative displays.
Section 9 Appendices
Contains useful reference material, including a list of
options and accessories and a glossary of terms.
The material in this manual is organized in categories of
tasks, in the order that most persons would perform those
tasks. If more information about a specific topic is needed,
consult the Index.
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Fluke -- 1722A -- Datenblatt
Dateiname: Fluke-7629-Manual-Page-1-Picture
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Datum: 1990
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