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Fluke 9100 Series Kalibrator
Modell: 9100 Series
Datum: 1988
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Kalibrator
Beschreibung: Universal Calibration System

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Applications Manual

This manual provides an organized approach to testing and
troubleshooting a UUT (Unit Under Test) with the
9100A/9105A. The intended reader is someone who will be
writing test programs or test procedures for use with the
Additional information on the various parts of the
9100A/9105A system is available in the Getting Started
booklet. More information about using the operator's keypad
for testing and troubleshooting is available in the
Technical Users's Manual. And more information on
programming the 9100A/9105A is available in the Programmer's
Manual and in the TL/1 Reference Manual.
This manual is organized into three major parts:
Sections 1 to 3 give an overview of the capabilities of the
9100A/9105A and the process of developing functional tests
and automated troubleshooting procedures.
Section 4 describes some typical functional blocks for a
microprocessor-based UUT. For each typical functional block,
you will find a summary of things to consider for testing
and troubleshooting, a procedure for using the operator's
keypad of the 9100A/9105A for functional testing, a
9100A/9105A programmed functional test, and a set of
stimulus programs.
Each of the functional blocks described in Section 4 are
parts of a real UUT, the Fluke Demo/Trainer. It is not
necessary that you have the DemolTrainer UUT to use this
manual, but you may wish to purchase the DemolTrainer from
Fluke so you can try out the example procedures and programs.
Sections 5 to 7 show you how to build on the block
functional tests to develop functional tests for your whole
UUT and how to develop automated troubleshooting procedures
using Guided Fault Isolation (GFI).

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The 9100A/9105A Service Manual provides overall service and
maintenance information. It includes a comprehensive
operational theory discussion, along with replacement parts
lists and schematic diagrams. The Service Manual offers a
detailed and technical description of the 9100A and 9105A
and, when used with the 9100A/9105A Service Kit, can be used
during troubleshooting procedures. This manual covers both
standard mainframes and optional assemblies.
This Manual
This manual documents issues encountered when servicing and
repairing the 9100A/9105A. Other volumes of the 9100A/9105A
manual set cover operating and programming the 9100A and
using the 9105A. The 9100A/9105A Service Manual consists of
the following sections:
Section 1: How to Use This Manual
This section introduces the Service Manual. It also defines
some conventions used throughout the manual set.
Section 2: General Information
This section contains various types of often-used
information. For quick reference, general descriptions of
the instrument, its features, and its power requirements are
given. Differences between the 9100A and the 9105A are
mentioned. Test equipment called for in the rest of this
manual is specified. Shipping and service procedures and
addresses are also provided in this section.
Section 3: Theory of Operation
This section describes the 9100A/9105A in terms of major
functional areas (termed blocks). Often, an individual
functional block is further examined in terms of its own
functional blocks. Where necessary, individual components
are mentioned in describing the operation of a block and its
relationship to other blocks. This information can be used
with the schematic diagrams (found later in this manual)
during troubleshooting.
Section 4
: Maintenance
In addition to describing operator maintenance and
adjustments, this section documents procedures required when
disassembling, adjusting, or testing the 9100A/9105A. Section
4 also describes reassembly and interconnection of system units.
: List of Replaceable Parts
This section presents complete ordering information for any
part that can be ordered separately.
: Appendices
This section lists reference information not found elsewhere
in the manual. Federal Supply Codes and Manual Status
Information are included here.
: Schematic Diagrams
This section contains schematic diagrams and reference
designator drawings for each assembly (standard and
optional) used in the 9100A/9105A.

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