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Electronic Navigation Industries A-500 Verstärker
Electronic Navigation Industries
Modell: A-500
Datum: 1997
Kategorie: Funk und Kommunikation
Gruppe: Verstärker
Beschreibung: Power Amplifier
                                    The ENI Model A500 is an all solid state amplifier which has
a flat frequency response from .3 mHz to 35 mHz. It provides
500 watts of linear power with low harmonic and
Intermodulation distortion. Gain is 60 dB nominal, with a
variation of less than +1.0 dB over the entire frequency
range. Input and output impedance are 50 dims and the unit
may be driven to full power output by most RF synthesizers,
signal generators and swept signal sources.
The ENI Model A500 will deliver its rated power output into
any load impedance, regardless of match. Built-in protection
circuitry will absorb the power reflected from a mismatched
load without causing failure or oscillation.
Output RF voltage is displayed on the front panel meter. Its
integral power supply and cooling operate from a 230 VAC
50/60 Hz main supply.
The Model A500 will raise the power level of signal sources
and generators without requiring tuning or bandswitching.
The Class A linear circuitry will amplify signals of AM, FM,
SSB, TV and complex modulations limited only by their peak
input and bandwidth, with minimum distortion.

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