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Spirent Communications TAS Series II Sonstiges
Spirent Communications
Modell: TAS Series II
Datum: 2001
Kategorie: Funk und Kommunikation
Gruppe: Sonstiges
Beschreibung: Telephone Network Emulator
                                    The TAS Series II is an advanced new Telephone Network
Emulator from Spirent
Communications. The TAS Series II provides new high-end
solutions for
development, testing, and evaluation of modems, fax
machines, voice/data
terminals, transmission test sets, and other voice bandwidth
data communications
The TAS Series II offers complete bi-directional impairments
simulation (Figure
1-1), The TAS Series II provides greatly enhanced echo
simulation capabilities
and the ability to emulate virtually all worldwide central
office signaling formats.

Because the TAS Series II is compatible with testing
standards from EIA, CCITT,
ETSI, Bell Operating Companies, AT&T, Nippon Telephone and
Telegraph, and
many other companies and industry organizations, test
results have immediate
credibility. In addition, the TAS Series II is
software-compatible with the older
TAS 1010 Channel Simulator, thereby protecting your prior
investment in test
procedures and software.
TAS Series II works with the TAS Gemini Dual Terminal
Emulator and TASKIT
software to provide completely automatic modem testing. TAS
Series II test
results track with those obtained on the popular TAS 1010
and TAS 100 Series

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Spirent Communications -- TAS Series II -- Bedienungsanleitung
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Datum: 2001
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This manual applies to TAS Series II 2.7 and higher

The TAS Series II Telephone Network Emulators Operations
Manual contains
information required to effectively use the TAS Series II
Telephone Network
Emulator. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself
with this manual
before attempting to use the TAS Series II unit. This manual
is presented as
Section 1 Introduction - provides a brief description of the
Series II including the
features and applications, overviews of the front and rear
panel, and an installation
procedure with a contact telephone number in case you
encounter difficulty.
Section 2 Features Description - discusses the functions of
the various displays,
controls, jacks, and ports located on the front and rear
panels. All available
impairments and allowable network configurations are also
fully presented. The
optional PCM/ADPCM modules are also presented in this section.
Section 3 Programmer’s Guide - provides the necessary
information to control the
TAS Series II via RS-232C or GPIB (IEEE-488) interfaces.
This section is
essential reading for those who will be integrating a TAS
Series II into a larger
test system.
Section 4 Error Codes - lists the TAS Series II error codes
that may be
encountered during power-up or operation.
Section 5 Technical Specifications - contains detailed
system specifications,
connector pinouts, and frequency response plots.
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