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PACO Precision Apparatus Corporation Series TV Tastkopf
PACO Precision Apparatus Corporation
Modell: Series TV
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Tastkopf
                                    Prior to the advent of modem High Voltage Television power
supplies, the usual ibatIimmb voltage requirements of radio
receiver circuit testing did not exceed approximately 1000
volts D.C.
However, modern large screen television has extended the
high voltage operating range upwards to approximately 30,000
volts D.C.
To meet this rapidly growing need for high voltage test
faollltles, Precision has engineered and produced the
versatile High Voltage Multiplier Probe (Series TV) which
combines utmost flexibility of multiplier facilities with
most extensive safety and protective features, absolutely
essential when dealing with such high potentials.
SERIES TV(ll-5l)l Page 1
1. Molded, high polished, Polystyrene Probe Head.
Approximately 25,000 volts per millimeter dielectric
strength. Unusually long leakage path between high voltage
test point and channelled Barrier-Guard.
2. Molded, High Polished Bakelite Barrier-Guard.
Extended leakage path provided thru incorporation of four
radial fins on an exceptionally large diameter barrier form.
3. Corona-resistant rounded-edge probe tip.
4. Helical-film, non-hygrosooplc, steatite rod type,
multiplier resistance Cartridge.
This spring-mounted tubular oartrldge requires and employs
no soldered connections.
It is quickly and conveniently removed for replacement
and/or substitution.
5. Grounded Safety Leakage Guard. This dual purpose
Identification plate and Safety Guard-ring, (grounded by
means of a conoealed contact spring), serves as a final and
positive ground return for any unusual leakage potentials
which might develop along the Head and Barrier due to
operational negligence or excessive moisture.
Such voltages are thereby returned to ground BEFORE reaohing
the operator's hand.
6. Internal Lucite Resistor Sleeve. The multiplier resistor
oartrldge Is electrically isolated by a high dlelectrlo,
machined luclte tube.
7. Internal Brass Grounding Shield. Possibility of arc-over
from multiplier resistor cartridge to operator's hand is
eliminated toy this concentric grounding tube providing
maximum, positive isolation.
8. Concentric Compression Contact Assembly. This interacting
assembly permits automatic and positive contact to Resistor
cartridge, internal shield and guard ring.
The polystyrene disk and tubes provide additional high
dielectric protection at the Instrument end of the probe handle.
9. Setscrew-Locked, Keyway-Block Cable Fastener - insures
fool-proof and permanent connecting cable anchorage.
10. Shielded Concentric Connecting Cable. Specially designed
super-flexible test cable with full ground shield and
overall Jacket.
11. Universal Screw-on type panel Connector or, universal
Instrument Step-Jack. The Step-Jack allows insertion into
small, large and recessed type, .080" tip jacks
as are usually found on standard multi-range meters. The
screw-on connector mates with the majority of VTVM input
12. Alligator type safety ground clip.

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