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Racal RA-366 Interface
Modell: RA-366
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Interface
Beschreibung: Panoramic Adapter
                                    The Panoramic Adaptor Type RA. 366 provides a visual display
of signals in any selected frequency band between 980 kHz
and 30 MHz. It is designed for use with the Communications
Receivers in the RA. 1217 series. Signals in the 3 kHz to
980 kHz band may be observed by the addition of the L.F.
Adaptor Type RA. 337.

The maximum spectrum width that can be viewed is one
megahertz and this is selected by the MHz tuning control on
the receiver.

When the Panoramic Adaptor is operated in the i.f. mode,
spectrum analysis facilities are provided for signals in the
i.f. passband of the receiver and are selected by using the
kHz tuning control.

In either mode of operation the displayed spectrum can be
expanded to permit finite inspection of the selected signal.

Signals appear on the screen of the c.r.t. as inverted "VM
deflections; the signal to which the receiver is tuned being
seen as a deflection near the centre of the screen. Other
signals within the selected spectrum appear to the left or
right of centre according to their frequencies, and as the
receiver is tuned these deflections will move across the c.r.t.

When a deflection approaches the centre of the screen its
corresponding signal will be heard through the receiver.

A tuning marker signal is derived from the receiver when the
adaptor is used in the r.f. mode and marker pips appear on
the screen at 100 kHz intervals when the receiver is set to
There are two types of adaptor RA. 366 and these differ only
in the power supply unit which is available for the
panoramic adaptor. The units are identified as follows:

RA. 366A (Drg. DA. 40880/A): less power supply unit- for use

with RA. 1217 having 10 mW audio output.

RA.366B(Drg. DA.40880/B): with power supply unit - for use

with RA.217, RA. 1218/RA. 1220 and RA. 1217 with 1 watt
audio output.

The power unit used in the RA. 366B is the PU 1153 which is
described in the appendix. The connections between this
power unit and the RA. 366 are shown in Fig. 10

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