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Radio City Products Company 777A Signal Analyzer
Radio City Products Company
Modell: 777A
Datum: 1949
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Signal Analyzer
Beschreibung: Signal Tracer
                                    The RCP Signal Tracer, Model 777A has been designed to be a
timesaving device
facilitating the servicing of AM-FM receivers, audio
amplifiers, and television sound
systems. It is an aid to the serviceman in locating faul ty
components, stages, stage
gain, distortion, hum, etc . The unit contains an AC
operated, three-stage amplifier
with traveling probe. The probe allows direct insertion into
stages carrying radio
frequency currents.
In addition to the RF probe, a special microphone-phonograph
connector is provided
so that the functioning of either high impedance microphones
or phonograph pickups may
be determined. The step and vernier attenuator is accurately
calibrated so that direct
reading stage gain measurements may be made.
Due to the extremely high sensitivity of the newly developed
777A, a slight hum may
be noticed when used "wide open". If this is the case, the
line cord should be reversed
in the AC socket. The same effect may be had by grounding
the case through a .05 mfd.
condenser to a water pipe, metal conduit, etc.

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