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Power Designs Inc. TW60500 Netzteil
Power Designs Inc.
Modell: TW60500
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Netzteil
Beschreibung: Dual Output Regulated DC Power Sources
                                    This Regulated DC Power Source is suitable for general
purpose laboratory and industrial applications. Each unit
contains two sources in a single case. Each source may be
operated independently or combined in a series of parallel
arrangement. In addition each output may be operated in
either the constant voltage or constant current mode.
Transfer from constant voltage to constant current or visa
versa is automatic. A current mode iamp indicates when the
constant current mode is in operation. Metering is provided
by means of two separate digital panel meters. The meters
are switch selectable for monitoring the output voltage or
current of each source.
The Models TW347D and TW605ÖD include a front panel
adjustable crowbar that protects load circuits against
overvoltage conditions.
The Model TW347D features a switch selectable tracking mode
of operation. When the front panel switch is set for
tracking there is an internal connection between both
outputs and source B tracks source A to within 10 millivolts
with a single control
Two ten-turn potentiometers in each source provides voltage
and current control with high resolution.

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This manual contains instructions for the installation,
operation and maintenance of the Power Designs series of
Dual Output Regulated DC Power Sources.

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