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M² Antenna Systems, Inc. 436CP42 Antenne
M² Antenna Systems, Inc.
Modell: 436CP42
Datum: 1999
Kategorie: Funk und Kommunikation
Gruppe: Antenne
Beschreibung: Circular Polarized Yagi
                                    The 436-CP42 U/G (Ultra-Gain) sets a new performance
standard for UHF circular polarized antennas. Gain and F/B
are excellent. The boom length is matched to the 2MCP22, and
together they form an unbeatable satellite communications
package. The extremely clean pattern maximizes forward gain
and F/B. The pattern is important in order to match the
antenna’s noise temperature with modem low-noise preamps.
The CP42 is also excellent for ATV, repeater operation, and
long haul tropo DX and EME around 432 MHz.

The driven element and T blocks are CNC machined, with
connectors O-ring sealed for low maintenance and long-term
peak performance. Internal connections are embedded in a
space-age silicone gel that seals out moisture and improves
power handling. The 3/16" 6061-T6 rod elements are centered
in the boom to minimize interaction and maintain low
ellipticity. Insulators are UV stabilized and locked in
place with stainless retainers. The central boom section is
1-1/2" dia., tapering, front and rear,through 1-1/4"
sections to 1" ends.If you are looking for rugged
construction and top-notch performance, For EME use, M2 can
supply the optional parts needed to convert these to dual
polarity Yagis. Contact us for more details.

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