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MCData Corporation Sphereon 4400 Switch
MCData Corporation
Modell: Sphereon 4400
Datum: 2005
Kategorie: Computer usw.
Gruppe: Switch
Beschreibung: Fabric Switch
                                    The McDATA® Sphereon™ 4400 Fabric Switch provides 16 ports of
low-cost and high-performance dynamic Fibre Channel connectivity
for switched fabric or arbitrated loop devices. This
function allows
low-cost, low-bandwidth workgroup (edge) devices to communicate
with mainframe servers, mass storage devices, or other
and ultimately be incorporated into an enterprise storage area
network (SAN) environment. This chapter describes:
• The switch, including field-replaceable units (FRUs),
connectors, indicators, and specifications.
• Maintenance approach.
• Switch management.
• Error detection, reporting, and serviceability features.
• Tools and test equipment.

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Installation and Service Manual

Chapter 1, General Information - This chapter describes the
including field-replaceable units (FRUs), controls,
connectors, and
indicators, and switch specifications. The chapter also
the maintenance approach, error detection and reporting
serviceability features, software diagnostic features, and
tools and
test equipment.
Chapter 2, Installation Tasks - This chapter describes tasks to
install, configure, and verify operation of the switch, optional
Ethernet hub, and rack-mount management server.
Chapter 3, Maintenance Analysis Procedures - This chapter
describes maintenance analysis procedures (MAPs) to fault
a switch problem to an individual FRU.
Chapter 4, Repair Information - This chapter describes
supplementary diagnostic and repair procedures for a failed
switch. The chapter includes procedures to display and use log
information, perform port diagnostics, manage configuration
data, collect maintenance data, power-on, power-off, and reset
the switch, set the switch online or offline, block ports,
switch firmware, clean fiber optics, and install or upgrade
management server software.
Chapter 5, Removal and Replacement Procedures - This chapter
describes procedures to remove and replace switch FRUs.
Chapter 6, Illustrated Parts Breakdown - This chapter
describes, and shows the location of switch FRUs. In addition,
switch FRUs are cross-referenced to corresponding part numbers.
Appendix A, Event Code Tables - This appendix provides an
explanation of event codes that appear at the EFCM Basic Edition
interface or Element Manager application. The event severity and
a recommended course of action in response to each event are
also provided.
Appendix B, Restore Management Server - This appendix provides
the instructions to restore all required switch applications
to the
management server in case of a hard drive failure.
An Index is also provided.

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