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Krohn-Hite Corporation E1OORC Voltage Source
Krohn-Hite Corporation
Modell: E1OORC
Datum: 1999
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Voltage Source
Beschreibung: DC Millivolt Reference Source
                                    The precision DC Voltage Standard Source is a highly
versatile reference source, designed to meet the needs of
computer systems, production line testing, automated
calibration, and standards laboratories.
The instruments have a specified accuracy, and are traceable
through a bank of saturated standard cells to the U. S.
National Institute of Standards and Technology.
Depending on the model of the instrument, resolutions of 0.1
ppm are attainable.
The instruments are highly accurate references which can be
used for calibration of digital voltmeters, analog meters,
semiconductor analyzing systems, analog references for
computers, analog-to-digital converters, telemetry and data
acquisition systems, and where ever a stable source is required.
There are no adjustments made during normal operation. The
trims are made during calibration and are described under
the calibration procedure.
The circuitry is completely solid state made of discrete,
hybrid and/or integrated circuits packaged on etched glass
circuit boards. These are proven circuits, using derated
components to insure long life and maximum reliability.
The instrument is overload and short-circuit proof, and is
fully operational in adverse environmental conditions.
The Standard Source will drive a short circuit indefinitely
without damage to the instrument, and will recover to rated
specifications in less than 2 minutes.
When used with a voltmeter, the source becomes a
potentiometer for measuring DC voltages.

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