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Lafayette ΗΑ-600Α Receiver
Modell: ΗΑ-600Α
Kategorie: Audio, Video, TV, Multimedia
Gruppe: Receiver
                                    The Lafayette Model HA-600A is a sensitive solid state
superheterodyne receiver designed to meet the needs of the
Radio Amateur as well as the most demanding short-wave
listener. The large illuminated side rule tuning dial
clearly and accurately indicates receiver frequencies from
150 KHz to 30 MHz in five bands. For extreme accuracy, a
band spread tuning dial is incorporated with direct dial
calibrations on the 80, 40. 20, 15 and 10 meter amateur
bands. A 0-100 logging scale is also included on the band
spread dial to assist in logging other than amateur band
frequencies. Through the use of two separate tuning dials,
optimum read-out and operation is provided. The HA-600A is
designed to receive CW (code), AM (phone) and SSB (single
sideband) within the frequencies covered by the receiver.
When receiving SSB or CW signals, the variable BFO (beat
frequency oscillator) may be used to select the desired
sideband or adjust the pitch of the CW signal.
The receiver employs a tuned RF and Mixer stage to give
maximum sensitivity and a high signal-to- noise ratio, while
two Intermediate Frequency stages and a mechanical filter
provide a high degree of selectivity. A product detector
operating in conjunction with the BFO is employed for CW and
SSB operation, while a separate diode detector is used for
AM reception.
The all transistor design of the receiver offers all the
advantages expected from solid state circuitry - - instant
operation, low current consumption and cool operation. The
receiver is designed to operate from 105-120 volts 50/60 Hz AC.
The antenna input is designed for use with unbalanced type
lines of 50-400 ohms impedance. An antenna trimmer control
provides the required matching of the antenna to the
receiver. A tape recorder output as well as audio outputs of
8 or 500 ohm impedance are provided on the rear panel.

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