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Knight-Kit 83 YU 726 Receiver
Modell: 83 YU 726
Datum: 1966
Kategorie: Funk und Kommunikation
Gruppe: Receiver
Beschreibung: Amateur Communications Receiver
                                    The Amateur Communications Receiver is a
precision-engineered instrument designed to meet the high
standards of Amateur performance. It offers widely
adjustable selectivity and exceptionally high sensitivity to
bring in solid QSO’s. The frequency range covers standard,
medium, and short-wave broadcasts, including all Amateur
bands from 80 through 10 meters. By using multi-purpose
tubes, the 7-tube superheterodyne circuit provides
performance equal to an 11-tube receiver.
To simplify the tuning of the crowded shortwave stations,
the receiver uses a separate bandspread tuning capacitor. It
is calibrated for the five Amateur bands (80-10 meters), and
is also helpful for bandspread tuning any part of the
frequency spectrum. The main tuning dial covers 540 kc to 31
me in 4 ranges. The civil defense frequencies are clearly
marked, and each Amateur band is indexed. Both main and
bandspread dials have vernier mechanisms for smooth, easy
Other features are a highly effective noise limiter and a
built-in Q- Multiplier to peak desired signals or to null
undesired signals and interference. A constant-running
high-frequency oscillator with voltage-regulated B+ supply,
and extra-heavy chassis design contribute to the rock-like
stability of this fine receiver. Frequency stability is
maintained over a wide temperature range.
Two printed circuit boards assure wiring accuracy and
uniformly high performance of every receiver kit. All
critical wiring is already done— there is no problem of lead
dress. Assembly has been further simplified by use of a
unique printed-cireuit bandswitch.

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Knight-Kit -- 83 YU 726 -- Bedienungsanleitung
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Datum: 1966
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