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Kikusui Electronics Corporation PAD 35-50L Netzteil
Kikusui Electronics Corporation
Modell: PAD 35-50L
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Netzteil
                                    The PAD-L Power supply is designed for high operation
reliability and excellent electrical performance. It is a
universal-purpose industrial power supply which can be used
as a variable power source for research and development, or
as a fixed power source for long time aging test. Features
of the PAD-L Power Supply can be summarized as follows:
1. Improved«power factor at low output voltage:
A choke input system is used for the rectifier filter
circuit, thereby reducing the apparent input current and
improving the power factor. This led to a smaller power
transformer and consequently to a compact and light power
2. Less waveform distortion caused to the AC input line:
As the choke input system is used, the input current
waveform is less distorted with harmonics, thereby reducing
waveform .. distortion to the AC input
3. Excellent temperature coefficient:
Very low temperature drift characteristics of 50 ppm/°C is
attained by using premium-quality parts, improved circuits,
and forced air cooling. Time-elapse drift (aging drift) also
is very low. „ .... _ . . . .
4. Fast transient response:
A wide-band error amplifier is used to ensure stable
frequency - gain, phase characteristics.
5. Low ripple and noise voltages:
Ripple and noise voltages are low, both in nos and peak values.
The output voltage is finely adjustable from 0 V to the
rated voltage with a 10-turn potentiometer
The power supply has a current/voltage limit switch to
preset a current/voltage value. The set value of
constant-voltage/ constant-current operation can be checked
when in operation.
The power supply has internal protection such as voltage
detector* current detector and temperature detector circuits.
An overvoltage protector (ÖVP), voltage adjustable from the
front panel, also is incorporated as a standard feature.
A high speed overvoltage protector (a thyristor crowbar
protection circuit) is available as an option.
The power supply is boused in a casing for bench top use. It
can be installed on a standard EIA (JIS) rack.
- The user is requested to read thoroughly. this instruction
manua1 before' operating the power supply. ·
* It is highly recommended to use the thyristor crowbar
highspeed overvoltage protector (OVP: option) for a load whose
- allowable voltage range is very narrow and which could be
damaged when a slight overvoltage is applied.

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