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Kepco BOP 1000M Netzteil
Modell: BOP 1000M
Datum: 1975
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Netzteil
                                    The Kepco Mode! BOP 500M and BOP Ί000Μ are high voltage
power sources, which combine the capabilities of fast
programmable power supplies with a Class A output stage,
which can respond bidirectionally from zero. The "BOP" can
be operated in a "Voltage Stabilizing" or "Current
Stabilizing” operating mode (selectable by a front panel
switch}. The 80P incorporates two separate control channels,
for local (front panel) or remote control of the output
current and the output voltage, in addition, bounding
currents for bipolar voltage and current limiting are
provided which may be adjusted manually (by front panel
controls) or can be remotely programmed. Ail control and
bounding channels are connected to the bipolar (Class A)
output stage via an "EXCLUSIVE-OR" gate, so that only one
circuit is in control of the BOP output at any one time.
Some applications are listed befow:
A) VOLTAGE MODE OPERATION. (Current limiting either front
panel adjusted or remotely programmed using the current
limiting channel).
1) High speed, bipolar d-c voltage source (remote or locally
controlled output).
2) Scaling or summing amplifier with or without d-c bias.
B) CURRENT MODE OPERATION (Voltage limiting either front
panel adjusted or remotely programmed using the voltage
limiting channel).
1) High speed, bipolar d-c current source (remotely or
locally controlled output).
2) Amplification of a-c currents, with or without d-c biasing.

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Kepco -- BOP 1000M -- Bedienungsanleitung
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This manual contains instructions for the installation,
operation and maintenance for the Models BOP 500M and BOP
1000M Bipolar Operational Power Supplies.
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