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Kepco BHK 2000-0.1 (M) Netzteil
Modell: BHK 2000-0.1 (M)
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Netzteil
                                    The Kepco BHK Design Group consists of high voltage,
precision regulated power supplies with automatic crossover
between their voltage and current regulation modes. The BHK
power supplies are equipped with high resolution, 10-turn
voltage and current controls, mode indicator lamps, and
output voltage and current meters., located on the front
panel. A-C power line and d-c on/off switching, monitored by
indicator lamps, a-c and d-c fusing, as well as safety
output binding posts, complete the front panel equipment.
1-5 Rear barrier-strips provide the necessary terminals for
programming in the voltage or current mode of operation as
well as output and error-sensing terminals.
1-6 internal jumper connections are provided to convert the
BHK power supply from standard to high speed operation.
1-7 The BHK power supply is of hybrid design, making use of
vacuum tubes as the series control element .thus forming,
with the solid-state reference and amplifiers, an
exceptionally reliable high voltage power supply.
1-8 The power supply chassis and cover are constructed of
etched aluminum. The front panel is heavy gauge aluminum
finished in light gray (if not otherwise specified) and
equipped with chrome-plated carrying handles.
1-9 The major part of the circuitry is located on printed
circuit boards of the plug-in type to simplify disassembly,

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This instruction manual contains information for the
installation, operation, and maintenance of the Kepco Series
BHK High Voltage Operational Power Supplies.

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