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Henry Radio Tempo 2000 Verstärker
Henry Radio
Modell: Tempo 2000
Kategorie: Funk und Kommunikation
Gruppe: Verstärker
Beschreibung: Linear Amplifier
                                    The Tempo 2000 is a full legal limit 80-10 meter grounded
grid linear amplifier.
Tempo 2000 features include:
* Power reed relays for instantaneous and silent
transmit-receive (T-R) and bypass switching. The T-R
switching operates from a separate receiver and transmitter
even when the 2000 is turned off.
* A self-contained solid-state power supply.
* Grounded grid input for maximum compatibility with modern
transceivers and transmitters.
* Full legal limit power input on all modes.
* 80-10 meter amateur band coverage. Covers many MARS
(Military Amateur Radio Service) frequencies adjacent to the
amateur bands.
* An internal dummy load simplifies exciter tuneup.
* A double interlock system helps reduce shock hazard.
* Circuit breakers protect the power supply.
* The relative RF output meter reads exciter or amplifier power.
* The Tempo 2000 is operational within three seconds from
turn on.
* Black aluminum chimneys and rear panels help dissipate
heat from each tube.

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SECTION 1. Introduction. 1
SECTION 2. Specifications and Controls. 2
SECTION 3. Installation. 5
SECTION 4. Operation. 8
SECTION 5. Circuit Description. 12
SECTION 6. Maintenance. 13
SECTION 7. Parts List. 18

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